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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Firsts for Claire...

Claire is such a good baby..she may want to always be held and enjoys her milk every 2 hours..on the dot...but she is a pretty happy baby!
Her 8 weeks has flown by and I can't believe she is almost 2 months.

Such BIG smiles! :) (7 weeks)

Smiling is such hard work...or mom was boring her doing dishes...either way..our little sweet pea feel asleep in the bumbo..and that hasn't been the last time. ha!

She also had her first bottle. I am still nursing but i wanted to introduce the bottle before she got too old and wouldn't take it! I did this with all my kids and all of them never had a problem going back to long as they were fed they didn't care how it came! ha!
She was a little slow at first..but figured it out quick and did great!
Travis prefers babies after the age of 1...but he loves giving babies their bottle! :) Such a sweet moment.
And don't let him fool you...he's great with babies..and their diapers! :)

at almost 8 weeks..Claire made her first appearance at church...we were finally able to go...I wanted to keep her in for the first 6 weeks with it being flu and rsv season (yes, I am that mom).. and with the ice storms, holidays and hot water heater out we hadn't been able to, it was finally our, with the holidays we only had 1 service at, the timing was in our favor as well. We typically attend first service at 8:15...that one will be a little more challenging once we start up again after the new year! :)
 Claire did great. I was able to pump beforehand and she took a bottle during church...she met so many people but won't recognize them next time since her eyes were closed! :) hehe.

Since she is staying awake more and more..she enjoys looking and playing at her underwater mat...hanna and ty even hung more toys for her to look at. side you see a common denominator in all claire's pics...yes, always by her side! :)

Speaking of firsts....Ty and Hanna do not play by themselves..I am always having to play with them..which is fun..but, I would get nothing accomplished! 
But, after all their toys they got from christmas..they are both playing a little more by's fun to watch their imagination work!

we are truly blessed....and I can't wait to see what 2014 brings us!

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