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Monday, December 16, 2013

Claire 6 weeks...

Today our baby girl is 6 weeks seems a lot longer than that and i am constantly reminding myself that she's still just a whittle-bitty baby! :)
She is holding her head up like a champ and smiling more each and everyday...
and even starting to make sweet!
but, she's still alive, and after seeing her smothered by her big sister since day one..that's a big accomplishment for us! lol. j/k.

Her hair is still dark and her eyes are still blue...and her eyelashes are starting to gain a dark tint but her eyebrows are still pretty faint! 

6 weeks has been tough..not sure if she doesn't like the fact that she's aging or what..but this little bundle just can't seem to get content...even when being held...she has issues.
I give gas drops and gripe water to help ease..but, we'll figure it out! :) she's still our precious baby girl...

she loves the car seat and the motion...when the car stops she knows and which results in letting me know that she knows! haha.

only, she is carried around in my kangaroo pouch a lot! it's the only way to get things done.

sported her first bit of camo....

sits in the bumboo...but doesn't last long...

she reads books...she's just so smart! hehe.

and another smile...precious baby girl.

Happy 6 weeks, Claire! :)

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