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Saturday, December 28, 2013

christmas..part 2...

We had such a wonderful christmas...yes, the presents were great..but spending quality family time was the best part. Plus, the kids were all at a fun age (Claire will have a blast next year) and made christmas even more special. It's so fun to see your kids face light part.hands.down! 
After Santa came to our house and to my sisters..we all made our way to my parents house...ate lunch,kids napped and then opened presents...what a fun time! Although our kids are best friends and get along great...they are all so different...and like different, that makes it so fun! 

Claire's great-great aunt Betty Fay came to play and held her while we all opened gifts! :)

Not sure who was more excited about the bow..Ty or Trav..haha! Ty was so excited and HAD to shoot it immediately... along with his new camo jacket and head lamp! little replica of his daddy! :) 

He also got everything Ninja Turtle they make....he cleaned up in that category. My house has now been taken over by 4 turtles and their stuff...and I thought babies required a lot! HA!

Brady has always loved trains...especially thomas..and now is into he racked up quite the lego collection and continued his train collection.

Hanna got everything baby doll..and stuff for her kitchen! Every thing was "my favorite." She gets so excited about each and every gift...she's fun to watch..and a pro at opening gifts.

Sophi is the only one that doesn't have a specific liking...she likes everything...from babies to ninja turtles..but she loves entertaining and animals! she and her new purple puppy "violet" are attached at the hip! can't wait to see her "perform" with her microphone...

Girls also got "computers" so they'll leave their brothers alone! (hopefully)

Hanna had to help everyone else open their gifts.

ages..2, 4, 3, 2....and

a newborn (7 weeks)....

Hanna wouldn't let claire go...she said, "my turn to hold c-ware)...

we had to take advantage of everyone being pics it was..

afterwards went to the park..where I locked my keys and phone in my car..and couldn't remember my, while my parents went to grab my spare..the kids got to play on the playground...they were real disappointed I did that..haha. worked out to their advantage.

We were all tired from all the festivities..that today (saturday) we relaxed, took down christmas decor and enjoyed all the new toys! Trav went to the deer lease but didn't get a deer....maybe monday when he goes back! :)
We had been without hot water for 5, it was nice to do dishes, laundry and wash hands in hot water! :)  Thankfully, since my parents live close we had hot showers...but, it's always nice to be able to wake up and take one in your own! :)'s fixed! :)

Hope everyone had just as great of a Christmas as we did! :) 

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