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Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Card 2013...

Every year we absolutely look forward to going to the mail and getting christmas cards...we love seeing all the new additions to families and all our friends pretty, smiling faces....(we have such beautiful friends)...
With the birth of a new baby and a busy schedule...I give you the Out-takes of the Roby Christmas card 2013....

Like I said before....Claire was just, we were battling Hunting season, cold/icy, one afternoon when it was one of our best weather days...Trav came home from lunch..and on a whim we decided, during his lunch break, we would take our christmas card pictures...
so, we dressed the kids in their christmas clothes, grabbed the tripod and camera and headed to our park.
We walked around until we found a good spot and I set and focused the camera...and we took our family pictures using the self timer! everyone say "cheese."
I have a couple hundred pics but here is a dose how that 30 minutes went! lol. 

Getting the right settings..

Hanna would only sit in my, I would set the camera, push the button and run...and our timing wasn't always on..haha..

Since we rushed to the park...I didn't realize until I sat down to look and edit the pics..that our independent 2 year old put her shoes on the WRONG feet..hahaha. good thing for crop! haha.

 Claire did great but was getting cold and smothered...being just 3 weeks old.

 Hanna likes to be the spot light and kept covering up, Claire..haha.
Plus, Hanna had a huge scratch on her left cheek ( you can see the red mark)...again, good thing for editing touchups! 
This is the picture you can really notice the shoes on the wrong feet..unfortunately, I only saved the edit  version...but just imagine this big cheese face with shoes on wrong! hahahahaha!

Luckily, we did end up with a few good shots...So, I present..
our card....


Hope Everyone has a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

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