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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

1 Month old..

Today, Claire is officially 1 month old.

She is still our itty bitty girl...not quite yet 8 lbs..but almost. :)

At 1 month she....
*has a few NB diapers left and then will be into size 1's..
*also getting out of NB clothes and into 0-3M..ha!
*Eats every 2 hours on the hour....she's my little 2 hour alarm clock.
*She has been going a little longer at night..depending.
*is a pooping machine
*Is like her mommy and hates to be cold...
*really only cries when cold, dirty diaper, hungry or being smothered by big sister..haha.
*Holds her head up so strong and tries to stand up.
*although she is tiny and seems to have short legs..all her pants are high waters (sorry claire), maybe I am underestimating her little legs.
*Is getting use to bath time...the shock of hitting the water gets her every time...but, the last few baths no crying has happened! :)
*has had her first cold and her first taste of applesauce..thanks to big sister
*has brown hair and big blue eyes
*sleeps in her moses basket in our room..swaddled up...she loves to cuddle.....if she is being held she might even sleep through a feeding she loves it that much.
*just a sweet little baby girl whom we all love very much! :)

 This is her scared/startled face....Hanna of course was by my side and scaring poor claire! haha

 Grandpa's little girl...his favorite at the moment bc "she's the quietest and lightest" haha!silly grandpa!

can't believe it's already been a month..although at times it seems even's been a crazy and busy month..but so glad she is here and our little girl! :)

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