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Sunday, November 17, 2013


There are many things In life Travis loves...hunting being one of them...and at the, an added baby to the fam doesn't slow him down.. he's back at the deer lease leaving me a single mom. haha....but, I wouldn't have it any other way...he's doing what he loves...and provides yummy meat! I can't remember the last time I bought ground meat at the grocery store. I grew up eating only venison and I have a feeling our kids will be the same way. :)
Friday He and Ty went to the Deer lease and we girls just hung out...which was probably much needed for Hanna and I. Although Claire was here, while she napped Hanna and I played...just mommy and Hanna time. It was great! She just cracks me up with her expressions and phrases she says. 

Saturday, we were all up early early but had a little family outing...I had planned on getting their pictures made at the pumpkin patch now that Claire is we drove to one only to find it was already closed...haha! never thought about it being closed after halloween...they should really stay open til the end of November..right??? haha...but, it worked out for the best anyways since Ty and Hanna both feel asleep in the car. So, trav and I got lunch (drive-thru) and we went better luck next year. 

Love this pic of Trav and his girls!
and my little boy looking all gown-up

That afternoon one of their good friends, Mason, had his 3rd bday. Trav took ty and hanna and I stayed home with Claire. They all 3  had such a wonderful time at his construction/digger themed party!

Sunday, we had a relaxing morning all cuddled in bed....before Ty and Trav took off for the deer lease again...

I was soooo ready to get out of the house...and drive, shop and be independent we girls loaded up and where did we go of course! haha.
It was actually a very pleasant trip..Claire slept and Hanna could not have been better ( I may or may not have bribed her with a baby doll after she requested one..haha...but, hey whatever works!)  :) Very successful first outing..
Afterwards we met my mom for some much needed shopping...that wasn't maternity..ha! It was kinda weird shopping for regular clothes. Hanna is actually a great shopper....she LOVES anything that sparkles and finds things she likes and says, "That's cute." haha! and Loves dancing to the overhead music!lol. 

My dinner date for the evening..she requested mac and cheese...and ate it all...very proud of her. sometimes she request things and then doesn't eat, she even got ice cream for dessert.
what a mess..

Target didn't have any cute she settled for this little Barbie...she might be into Barbie's after all. Oh dear! 

And while we pittled in Midland....
Ty and Trav got their first buck of the season...Trav tagged a cull-buck and from the stories I have been told Ty was one Super excited  boy! He loves hunting and everything involved. Trav actually riffle hunted ( he typically bow-hunts) b/c it's a little easier with a 3 1/2 year old....and Ty just wears ear phones so the gun shot doesn't scare him. 
I mean, could he be any cuter!!!! Love, love that little boy! 
Trav said that was his best hunt special.  Even though it's a cull-buck we are going to have it mounted just for the sentimental memories! 

Not only did I have my first alone outing in 2 weeks....I enjoyed my first glass of wine in 10 months..:) 

and my mom got us this brownie skillet...she knows our love for this, I made me one tonight..yum yum. but, I made the mistake of waiting until the boys got home to eat it. so I had to share! haha.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday...and these are 3 of my biggest blessings....

We were very nervous about the pic below...but at least he held on...haha.

"Count your many blessings.."

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