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Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving Festivities...#1

Well, fortunately I am happy to say we all survived our first week of a family of 5 by ourselves...luckily we have fantastic friends that help bring us dinner 3X a that has been a big help. we are so blessed with such wonderful friends.

We were back to our normal routine of m-w karate and gymnastics and school t/th. since they start at 8:30 and travis' office is just a street away he was kind to take the kids this, that was nice!
Thursday they had their Thanksgiving feast at was so fun eating with them (and seeing all the other parents/ was kinda like a big party for us too..haha)...Ty's class made little indian costumes..and of course he was the cutest. hehe.. They had it decorated very nicely with each kids hand-made place mats on the table along with personalized place mats for parents. It was very well organized. They served chicken strips and then we parents all signed up for sides and desserts. It was very yummy. After the hour lunch we dropped our kids back off with their teacher and they went back to school...Hanna throwing a fit but Ty did excellent. They are out of school all next week for Thanksgiving so we'll just get to all relax...which will be great since it's suppperrr cold here this weekend and next week. 

so sweet....

It's 29 here right now, raining/sleeting and while we planned last night to lounge, watch movies and stay in our pj's all day...we ended up having to take Claire to the dr...just to make sure her cold was truly still just a cold since she's got a lovely cough now. Being a nurse I tend to wait and wait until taking my kids to dr....but, after reminding myself Claire is just 2 weeks and has been congested and now coughing for a week I decided to take her in...and she is all well with a nasty cold...hopefully it'll go away soon....sure do hate it for her! 

All ready for thanksgiving feast #1!

cutest little indian 

getting their grub on...

 such a turkey..or
Claire was a little bored and slept through it!

It was absolutely gorgeous i made the kids play outside once we got home...bubbles are always a favorite! 

but, after awhile they wanted to come in to "hold claire."
He's such a sweet, sweet big brother.


Wednesday night my mom took Hanna to gymnastics so I could be home when our friends came, it was just mommy and Ty time for a solid hour (claire slept). We had a great time playing pirates, and fighting the ninja turtles and batman. this little boy! The things I am learning. ha!

One cool pirate.

Last night we all dressed in our super warm jammies to be prepared for the cold that we were going to wake up in...Claire especially enjoyed hers! :) 

Looks like Claire is going to be like her big sister and prefer the naked route...oh dear! haha...(she wiggled right out of her pants).

We plan on bundling up all weekend (it's days like this I miss our real fireplace), a few kids and a blanket help provide my warmth..haha.
Since I knew we were having a baby (haha..obviously) I started Christmas shopping this summer..ha! but, they have yet to be, with trav here that's my goal..get some gifts wrapped..and laundry..the never ending pile! ugh! and prepare for my favorite holiday...Thanksgiving...! whoohoo
Have a great weekend! :)

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