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Monday, November 11, 2013

Little Red Raiders...

When people hear the story of how Travis and I met...through a mutual friend after college....people are shocked. haha! Why, I don't know, but apparently that's a rarity! haha...and also after they hear where I went to college....Abilene Christian University...where the stereotype there for the girls is to get their "Mrs." shocking to some! I however, did not fall into that category in college and little did I know God planned on Travis to move to midland after he graduated from Texas Tech and for me to move back home after graduation. So, all that to say, I am a Red Raider fan by marriage...therefore, my kids are Raider fans! :) 
This year since Gamy and Granddaddy got season tickets we have all been able to attend some Tech fball games since lubbock is just 2 hours from us. :) And Ty and Hanna have attended every home game I think! They both enjoy it and have learned all the songs, cheers and etc about tech fball.
This past weekend Aunt Ashley, Uncle Brian and Addison came to meet Claire and also got to attend the fball game..killed two birds with one stone..perfect! :)

The game was at 11 so they left midland at 7:30ish and traveled up to lubbock...Ty and Hanna rode with Ashley and Brian and I am sure kept them great company.. haha.

The three amigos ready to cheer on the red raiders...

Ty with uncle brian and cousin addison.
Hanna with Gamy and Granddaddy...

While they cheered outside...Claire watched the game with her eyes closed! :) hehe

Hanna enjoyed watching the game with Aunt Ash and doing the "wobble" dance with her.

That night they crashed....don't they look so sweet...I love how they love each other..

Ahhh....melts your heart!

With all the lovely season of Fall in west texas breathing treatments at our house are in full effect!...poor little, Ty! :) 

Thankful for wonderful grandparents that are willing to lose sleep and be exhausted all for the fun of their grandkids! :) Next year they will get to tackle 4 grandkids! :) hehe!

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