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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Happy Birth-day, Claire!

On November 4, 2013 at 11:52am our little baby girl, Claire Elizabeth was welcomed into the world. Weighing in at 7 lbs 1 oz and 19.5 inches long...just perfect and beautiful!
We were told when she was delivered she had blonde hair...those nurses were mistaken because she definitely has brown her big brother! Everything went well and she was able to go home with me 3 days later (I had a c-section)...
Ty and  Hanna stayed with my parents until thursday since we didn't get home until late wed it was just me, trav and claire! She wanted to party all night...naturally, and has every night since...but, last night she did great. I have resorted to giving her "gas relief" medicine since I think that was a lot of her problem..and it has seemed to help a lot..and last night she did great! :) 
She is just perfect and we are extremely blessed! God is sooooo GREAT! 
Here's some pics of her birth...

 Meeting Gamy and Granddaddy

So in love! It's amazing how quickly you fall in love with somebody!

proud daddy

long, and skinny feet and fingers...

cookies for Claire...

meeting cousins brady and sophi

Proud, proud big sister....

Hanna loves kissing her "baby"

love this baby girl too!

Family of 5! :)

Meeting aunt casey and uncle daniel...

such wonderful friends came to see Claire.

 Beautiful flowers

Little footprints on daddy's scrubs...

Our precious baby girl..

Finally, getting to go home..

First bath on thursday morning...she hated it! she hates being cold, unwrapped, diaper changes etc....

Seeing her meme! 

Ty took a photo session of meme and claire...haha...

Such a great and sweet big brother!!! protective already...

and her big sister won't leave her sight.

Hanna in a nutshell since Claire has been home....haha!
She's having issues...but she also isn't feeling well. She is just so possessive she wants us to take care of Claire the way she thinks it should happen! haha. 
Here she wanted to keep "swing higher claire" and of course mommy didn't think that was a great idea! haha.

Today (Saturday) Gamy and granddaddy, along with aunt ashley, uncle brian and cousin addison took Ty and Hanna to the Tech football it's just me, trav and claire again! :) (hence the time to blog..haha)...
Trav got Claire all dressed in her Tech gear and is ready to watch a day full of, what should be, Great Football! 
Richly blessed and I Thank God daily! :) 
Thank you Lord for our many blessings!
We love you Claire Elizabeth! :)

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