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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Family of 4...

A few weeks ago we attempted some family a family of 4 before Claire arrives. Well, of course it had to be overcast that day (never happens here) which isn't great for outdoor pictures..but we went with it and tried. Our then, almost 2 year old, was being....well, a 2 year old...and not wanting to participate...But we rolled with it...
Here we are as our last images as a family of 4....little Claire Elizabeth arrives on Monday! :)

My sweet little boy...who is...and will continue to be the best big brother...the other day he asked me, "Mommy, what am I going to do with 2 little sisters?" haha. good question, Ty! 


Hanna's newest favorite position....hands in mouth...

Those silly ducks (or according to the technical person in our family..geese)..always scare hanna.

And then it was just 2....

36 weeks with Claire..

Hanna's eyes never leave those ducks...

After the wonderful cooperation we were receiving..I''m sure we were both thinking...."What are we going to do with another one." hahaha....Just throw her in the mix and love her unconditionally!

Then there was 1...or 1 1/2! 

Last walks as fam of 4!

Claire...get ready...these 2 are going to smother you with lots of love and kisses..

Finally....a little guy talk before they become outnumbered by the girls! haha.
Love this precious picture.

Gamy and Granddaddy took Ty and Hanna to the Tech game...they left friday and are bringing them back sunday. Bittersweet as it's our last weekend as a family of 4 but it'll be nice to get some rest and get some last minute things accomplished. Call it nesting...but I am on a mission to clean/sanitize everything..haha..I had our carpets and rug cleaned...trav and I both got our cars washed (take advantage of my carseats not being in..we all know how it doesn't take long to accumulate crumbs) and cleaned my grout...although, I wish I would have had them cleaned when I had the carpets cleaned...oh well! Cleaning lady comes our house should be nice and clean for Claire's arrival home! :)  Can't wait to meet our little girl monday! wow! :) 
My mom is cooking one of my favorite meals tonight...her Trav and I will go to root on the Red Raiders with my parents and Meme (she's in for baby Claire's birth) and then call it a night...and maybe actually get to take advantage of the Time Change....don't forget to set your clocks! :)
Happy first weekend of November! :)

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