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Monday, November 11, 2013

Claire- 1 week

Today Claire is 1 week old. Crazy to think...hope time doesn't always go this fast. 
She is a good little baby and really only cries when she is hungry...or not being held. ha! This poses a problem at bedtime. We have her in a moses basket in our room and but she has slept on me (I reside on our chaise lounge in our room..easier for me to get in and out of)...but, I will move back to my bed shortly and she will not be able to lay on me. ( I just can't do that). 
So, we are still trying the whole laying by herself thing. 
We went for a pedi check up today and she is back up to birth weight and added an ounce...she now weighs 7 lbs 2 oz...and gained 1/4" and now is 19 3/4 inches. :) just a growing girl. 
On her 1 week celebration she made her first outing and went to watch Ty at Karate (and watched him get another stripe..he was so excited for her to watch him)...and then like mentioned above she went to the she had a big day!
but, of course, we had some time to sneak in a little photo session! hehe. 

Hanging out at Karate..seriously, hanna never leaves her side..

Nap time with her big brother and sister....chillin in the window with the sun.

Our 1 week old baby girl..

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