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Friday, November 15, 2013

Adjusting as a family of 5...

This was our first full week of all being together..back in the swing of a family of 5.  Although, it has definitely had it's challenging moments...It hasn't been too bad (knock on wood)...granted, we've had an in home nanny stay with us..aka my mom (hehe)..which was a huge help when It came to our lovely 2 year old( insert sarcasm) and the nighttime feeds...since I am nursing she obviously can't help feed but she was extremely helpful in acting like a nursery nurse (bring the baby to you when hungry..and call when finished..haha). j/k. And since I can't drive just yet she has been our chaffer places...we had a super full week of not only the kids activities but dr appt everyday as well (except today) so..she was handy in carrying us every place we had to be. she and claire also bonded a lot in the  middle of the night..since she seems to think she can't sleep unless in somebody's arms...but, in her defense, she has been doing great the last couple of nights...for the most part! She's definitely getting better. I mean, she is after all just 11 days old.
Our live in nanny left we are officially on our own...for a week and then Gamy and Granddaddy come to the rescue. :)
I am probably crazy to think this but I am actually excited to have just the 5 of us and try to get back into our normal routine...which includes me driving. :) My kids may or may not be on time for school and their activities..but we'll get there..haha. Since I had a c-section I haven't been able to drive..but I am feeling good and ready to get back to I am going to start my driving-chaeffuring services again to my kids. We are just too active/involved in things to not drive. 

At home, life is crazy...not because of a Newborn but b/c of a certain newly turned 2 year old who is every bit of the phrase..."terrible twos." She's been a real peach..haha...but I love her to death..and she makes me laugh constantly...
So, How are the kids doing, you might ask?  Well..

Ty (3 1/2) is carrying on like normal. He understands the process and is a really good kid and hasn't been phased at all (at least it seems) by a new sister in the house. He is super sweet and gentle with Claire and is a great helper...if Claire makes a sound he usually rushes to  her or tells me why he thinks she is crying. Although he watched me nurse Hanna for 10 months the added year makes minds more curious and so many questions regarding the nursing process have been asked. He typically just tells me to "squirt the milk in a bottle and then give it to Claire." haha.  Last year at school, he did apparently pulled up his shirt and pretend to be nursing his lovie "snuggie" hopefully, he won't repeat that this year! ha! But, he is doing great and is just the sweetest big brother. He went hunting with his daddy today and once travis mentioned it earlier this week..he hasn't forgotten and waited sooo anxiously and patiently for Trav to get home so they could head to the deer lease. Love my little hunter! Ty also had a monumental day as he had his first "play with the neighbors before and after dinner time unsupervised!" It was a big day. He had such a great time playing with "the big girl and big boy" both whom are 6. I trust Ty in doing the right thing and not venturing, i know the other kids have boundaries and rules as well...I had to play with them at first (Ty's my shy one) and they were all very sweet to each other...but after supper Ty got to go play again and he did that all on his own...and then it was dark and they all went home! So proud and happy for my little boy but bittersweet as well since that means he's growing! :( I anticipate answering the door to a little and hearing, "can ty come out to play?" 

Hanna, (2), on the other having a non-typical kind of way. First off, since she just turned 2 she is every bit in the "terrible twos" phase where "No" is her favorite word...along with  "why" and "because." She could not love Claire anymore...she is in fact, obsessed with her...she will not leave her side and is constantly in her face, touching her, kissing her, hugging her get the picture. Although we hate to discipline her for loving her sister... extreme measures called for interventions...and even with time outs and spankings (yes, we spank in our house)...that doesn't keep her away! ha. I can never leave Claire unattended with Hanna in the house...I do not trust what she may or may not do to her....nothing intentional..and nothing to harm her...but her smoothering love is a little forceful at times. haha. "Baby C-ware" as she calls her, is her baby doll. She wants to be "helping" at all times and wants to partake in everything regarding claire. I am running through wipes like crazy..not because of all Claire's diapers but b/c Hanna HAS TO have a wipe at every diaper change as well. haha! 
She knows exactly how she eats and that she has to switch sides...Hanna will ask.."She dome?" (side note..she all of a sudden switched the "m" and "n" and says "dome" instead of "done" idea why.") anywho..I'll say "no." and Hanna replies back with, "other side." haha! she even helps me unsnap my nursing bras/tanks...she has that down too..since she is always in my lap while Claire eats! If Claire has her hand up in her mouth/face region hanna will take it down and tell her to "put your hand down." haha. She is actually quite observant..which she should be since she's always stuck to me or Claire.
She is a great big sister and Claire will have a very protective big sister her whole life!

our little Claire!

The hardest part of all of not being able to hold my kids...but especially Hanna. Ty understands my "boo-boo" and was so happy when I got my staples pulled out...haha...but Hanna although at times understands...when she is in a full out fit (aka...getting dressed, bedtime, etc) forgets. She's getting better about just holding mommies hand but it's still super tough! I went from holding her all the time to not being able to at, I couldn't be more ready for a few more weeks to pass so I can hold my little girl again! :) For now, sitting on the couch together has to work.

Claire is doing great. She is a good baby that really only cries when hungry or has a dirty diaper...she surprisingly is good with all the loud noises and smothering.  She eats every 2-3 hours and sometimes thinks it's ok to snack. She's a little petit eater!
Of course when we brought her home Ty and Hanna each had a the inevitable 7-8 days old Claire got her first cold...and all you moms know exactly how sad it is to hear your baby congested...i feel so bad for her! so ready for it to pass! hate it for her.
and around the same time..another inevitable happened as Claire experienced her first taste of Applesauce spoon fed to her by guess who??? yup, her "helpful" sister! ha. I think more got on Claire's shirt and cheek but i did see some lip, I guess she liked it! ..oh, hanna! Luckily, it wasn't a peanut, milk, or honey product! Ugh...I had  big feeling that was going to happen,..just not at a week old! 

So, anyways..Roby party of 5 is doing well...just getting back into the swing of things!

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  1. So very happy for ya'll! I feel ya on the terrible two's sister! I hope ya'll have a fantastic Thanksgiving! I still need to send ya Clair's present. Maybe we will be able to get up there at some point and can visit this spring. Miss ya'll! :-)