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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Yellow Belt...

Today Ty tested for his yellow belt in karate since he earned 5 stripes on his current belt. We didn't know what to expect but of course I brought along the camera, video camera and iphone cameras.....and good thing I did b/c it was way more intense than we imagined. 
Ty did an excellent job and did all his karate moves correct and nailed his confidence test...He did awesome. We were so proud. 
All his little classmates did great and were very entertaining and fun to watch....but maybe the most impressive part what that all the 3-5 year olds sat "like a blackbelt" for an entire hour...that was impressive. 
We were very proud parents and can't wait for the next color test.
My little photographer..
Videoing big brother...

doing his skills tests.

All the "lil dragons" (3-5 yr olds)

grandpa and mom-mom came to watch...

Doing his confidence test....and did so great! 

and it's official...he earned his yellow belt! :) 

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