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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"We've Been Booed"

When I saw this concept on pinterest...I thought it would be fun to start for our neighbors and friends...
We have a great, great neighborhood that I thought would participate...but it doesn't have to just be the can be any friends...we just happen to have great friends down the, they were the lucky ones..haha! I let Ty choose...but he just happened to choose his best neighbor friends whose mommies are! haha! :)
You are suppose to drop it off without being noticed....but, we got busted on both our occasions..doesn't help when you have a waddling mom and a 3 year old that has to get back in the car...haha... but, we just rang the door bell and took off...trav will definitely have to get his get-a-way skills better when our kids start wrapping houses (rolling, TP'ing..whatever you want to call it)
even though we were was fun dropping them if you want to "Boo"  your friends/neighbors I got my printable here...
You are suppose to take 2 different houses a treat (any bought candy or make your own)..leave them a copy of each sign (one to put in the window so other neighbors/friends know if you have been "booed" and one with the instructions of the game)...ring the door bell and run...
Just a fun way of spreading cheer...they have the same concept for easter and christmas that I saw last year..but just got around to it for halloween...ha! SO, hopefully i will be able to continue with those holidays as well! :)
Anyways, thought I'd share the fun so you can play too! :)
 I made my husbands favorite halloween treat...ghosts cookies....aka...chocolate covered nutter butters...(Just melt white chocolate bark and dip cookie..real hard.haha)...I usually use black icing for eyes and mouth...but forgot it at store so I just melted chocolate chips and used a toothpick for their body parts...:)
And also made another favorite...white chocolate covered popcorn..and added pretzels pieces and reeses pieces....
same concept (melt white chocolate bark and add in your popped popcorn...stir to coat and spread on wax paper...or it'll all stick together if you leave it in a bowl..:) ) 

Fun and easy way to make a friend/neighbor smile...:)

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