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Friday, October 18, 2013

Treasuring the Moments...

For the past 8 1/2 months It has not hit me that we are going to have another baby....I mean, yes, my belly is growing and I have reminders constantly that I am pregnant...but the fact that the baby is going to come out one day still hasn't yet felt real....but after my appt on thursday...and the date and time for my c-section is actually scheduled (Nov. 4th at 11:00) and I started to really think about things...and how my time with just Ty and Hanna are getting slim.
So, last night as Ty was in his hour or two long routine of "going to bed" I made him a deal..if he stayed in his bed and went to sleep and stayed in it all night we could go get donuts in the morning and even go inside to eat...Ty's favorite thing! So, that did the trick...but at some point in the middle of the night I saw my sweet little boy in the middle of Trav and, I just reached over and held his hand (which is my favorite part about him getting in bed with us)...and just prayed and Thanked God for my sweet little boy! 
This morning (although I wake up extremely early these days) I just laid in bed next to Ty and savored the moment...and he woke up after 8..but instead of wanting me to turn "cartoons on" he just laid there and talked to me and we waited on Hanna to wake up....who was still snoozing after 8...which never happens...and she didn't wake up til close to 8:30...and then Ty went and opened the door for her and they both came and crawled back in bed with me....Hanna just laid on my belly and asked me to "rub her back"....some boy one day in the WAAAAYYYY Distance future is going to win her heart by rubbing her back....she absolutely loves it. So, she just laid there on me as I rubbed her back until finally it was getting close to 9 and I thought if we are going to get donuts we better go..or all the good ones will be gone..haha!
So we put some clothes on and headed to the "donut shop" and Ty was so excited to see that they still had "chocolate glazed" donuts left...haha..his fav. and of course the sprinkle donuts too! :)
So, we sat and enjoyed our donuts....ty picked the table that just happened to be in full view of the sun and of course, he chose the side where his back faced the boy! I treasured every moment of the sun beaming into mine and Hanna's this is truly the last weekend of just us!(b/c next weekend all the fam will be in town)! :)
So, we have nothing planned this weekend..but, I have accumulated a To Do List..since time is narrowing down..
Trav went to the deer hopefully he'll get a great big Buck today...since this is his last weekend before baby comes to go hunt. 
Tomorrow Ty tests for his yellow belt in that should be cute and interesting! and you better believe I'll be "that mom" with my video camera! :) hehe.
Sunday, some of my sweet, sweet friends are hosting a shower for baby that will be exciting! :) 
The Great Lord has blessed us in so many ways and it's easy to get caught up in our busy lives and schedules but I Thank God everyday for my many blessings..because without him none of it would be possible! :)

From my cute little donut faces  to yours...Have a great Weekend! :)

Oh, and if you are bored and want to whip up some cookies...we made these yesterday and they were delicious! 

Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookies...yummy! 

Pumpkin Snickerdoodles

Go make them! and it makes a we made 2 dz and froze the remaining half of the dough! :) 

Enjoy! :)

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