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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Birthday, Hanna...

Happy, Happy Birthday to our Hanna James. Such a fun loving, nurturing, full of life little girl. She makes us smile and laugh constantly from her little, typically girly, antics. She brings so much joy to not only our lives but others around her. She waves and blows kisses to everyone and makes so many strangers smile with her contagious smile and laugh. 
Can't believe our little girl is 2. 

She loves her baby dolls and is the best little mommy...constantly taking care of them. 

                                                                        The many faces of HJR..

She has a mind of her own and loves to tell you to  "scoot back" when she wants to do things buckling into her carseat.. or she'll say, "I do it." 
Although she loves somebody to hold her at all times she has a sense of independency as well..gotta love the 2 year old phase! :)

Loves her jewelry and accessories...cracks us up with the random things she'll find and turn it into a form of jewelry...

Can never have enough...

Pretty fearless..not much scares her....definitely our climber and our super flexible little gymnast.

 Going to be the best big sister...

We love our little miss priss to the moon and back....can't imagine life without her. out..she does know how to operate a gun...and I see many hunts in our near future...

Although she is pretty fearless...she isn't a fan of the big ducks at our pond...or sharks! haha..guess shark week awhile back scared her for Ty has some shark toys for the bath and she will not allow them to get in the bath with her! haha.

Although she is a hot mess during the day.....she is our sleeping angel at night....we just love her so much! 
                 (The Eve of her 2nd birthday).

At 2...Hanna's favorites are...
Food: fruit, cookies, yogurt, fruit snacks
songs: Jesus Loves Me, Luby Lue, Wheels on the bus..and loves to dance
Books: All...she LOVES to read
Toys: baby dolls, jewelry 
TV Shows:  Still doesn't watch TV but will watch some football! :)

We go for her 2 year old check up we'll see her stats then! 
Her Stats are in and she....
Weighs: 26 lb 12 oz (53%)
Height: 34 1/2" (69%)

Growing just as she should! :) 

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