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Monday, October 7, 2013

"Hanging out."

when you ask ty what he wants to do for the day (usually on the weekends) he'll say, "Oh,  Just hang out." that's what we did! :)

This past weekend while Trav was at the deer lease with two of his best and the kids did things to pass time by....and I tried to keep ty busy and forget that his daddy was at the deer lease without him...which was a big challenge! Ty was very sad they "left me." haha. 
But, we had a great time and I feel like I was a little successful in drying his tears....
Saturday we went and watched chased kids at our wonderful neighbors house for the Tech game for a bit until it was lunch and nap time...
after nap time and the game...Ty's quiet time ended up beside me on the couch watching the game until he finally crashed..sweet boy tried to stick it when Hanna woke up we played in my room  until he woke up! :)
Then we decided it would be craft time...Ty's favorite "craft" is his "spinny thing" that was given for a bday gift. He absolutely loves it...thanks, Kasey. So, we did that outside bc it was just gorgeous. Then it was on to our turkey craft. A little more tricky than expected...but we managed...may have gotten paint on the concrete...that i figured would just wash off...but today learned it's a little harder than I thought (haha..sara)...I'll try and tackle that later...ha!

The turkey hand and footprint craft...

and the final result! 

Then I let Ty pick any restaurant to go eat...and of course he chose Chick-fil-a...but Rosa's was a close second...(can you tell which 2 places we eat at often..haha)...but, his big request was to "go inside to eat." That's his newest, we went and ate chicken and they played on the play place thing for awhile...sometimes you never know what kind of kids will be in there and who's parents are actually watching and who's just dropped them off and left (haha)...but this time there was a sibling set roughly the same age as ty and hanna and they had a great time....I let them play longer than normal b/c they were all having such a wonderful time together! So, that was nice! 
On our way home ty said, "but, mom, you forgot to take me to rosa's" lol...silly kid.

Sunday we didn't make it to church but ran a few errands....which one was getting hanna's allergy medicine refilled..and when we showed up to walgreens not only were we the only car in the drive thru  but they also had her refill ready!!! THAT NEVER HAPPENS..I knew it was going to be a great day after that! lol.
Since it was another gorgeous day we went to the park for a bit...Hanna had a breathing tx and 2 different type of meds that morning so she wasn't her typical self...and fell asleep on the way home. poor baby girl...
After lunch and nap time daddy was home....and ty and hanna entertained chase and trey before trey had to leave for the airport...
The guys had a great time at the deer and trey both got them a deer but I think they most enjoyed just hanging out! So glad they had the chance to get together! 

Today was my second attempt at trying to get pics of hanna...since she hasn't been 100% she hasn't been in the mood to take pics either..haha..but she loves her frilly dress we got at a friends garage sale so I thought I would start with this one...but when it was time to change outfits she didn't want to...and ruined what little picture taking mood she had to nothing..haha. oh well! Plus, the ducks at our neighborhood pond kept coming up to us (they are spoiled and think everyone there is to feed them), that didn't help either! but, I got a few....

definitely a sr pic or rehearsal dinner pic...lovely hanna.

of course ty..and snuggie..wanted their picture made..

my sweet, sweet boy and his best friend. snuggie does everything..i even have to hold his hand in the parking lot..haha.

 Enjoyed spending quality time with my kiddos as time is just flying when Ty reminded me he will be 4 at his next birthday I said, "Ty, what are we going to do with a 4 year old?" He said, "I'm going to the 4 year old class." haha..yes baby you are...but mommy isn't ready for that yet! haha. and I can't believe hanna will be 2 at the end of the month! crazy! 

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