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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Claire's Room...

Well...with 2 weeks to go we have (I think...for the most part) finished Claire's room...

She is using the same bedding we had for Hanna but got her, her own blanket and pillow. :)
Since we had the same colors and scheme I tried to do a few different things from Hanna's room so they wouldn't have the exact same nursery.  

I did the fabric in embroidery hoops around her name (seems the bed needs to be scooted to the left you who are OCD  about being symmetrical/center...ignore the picture...or it will bother you).

Her bedding...minus the sheet..It was in the wash..again...I can't keep my little monkey out of the, it's being washed..again! Yes, I should keep it off until claire really needs it...but, oh well.

Her rocker corner...but I think I am going to get a floor lamp to go behind the chair...but I have yet to do that....and I am still on the search for just a normal CD player...apparently those are outdated and not in stores...or at least at Target. They are all made for ipods and, she'll hopefully, have one of those soon in her room. Both our kids loved (and still do) listen to music at we figured she probably will too.

Terrible picture but I finally found curtains long enough (barely) that went with her room. and actually, they are shower, they could one day end up in the girls bathroom! haha.

Got the white shelves at Lowe's and my mom came and stained them for me...since the smell of stain is terribly strong. So, she did a great job. I got the printables off, where else, pinterest and used gold glitter spray paint for the pic frames.
I wrapped yarn around the letters to her name and from the scraps of the fabric in the embroidery hoops made little rosettes that I hot glued on...but let me tell you...that little project was way more tedious than expected...wrapping yarn is a little more complex than I ever imagined..haha! but, I did indeed finish! ha.

The mirror will never be free of handprints..but at least it gives her something!

I took the pink frame from Hanna's room (since it no longer fit with her new decor) and used it for Claire's room. I used my monogram machine and put her monogram in the middle of the embroidery mom actually got all the hoops and she really liked the shape of this one...and I have to agree..good choice mom!  The pic frames we have had since Ty..and they keep getting passed down...soon pics of Claire will live in them. :)

This past sunday we were showered with Gifts for Claire's arrival. We have the best and sweetest friends to help welcome another baby into the world. We love them all and thank them so very much! The shower was beautifully decorated..all the treats were delicious and the company was fantastic...couldn't have asked for more. So, so sweet! 
My only regret is not getting more pictures...but, I did get a few...

Me and my blonde bombshell friends...:)

Baby claire at 37 weeks.

Me and my momma! 

Just need to get through Hanna's bday party this weekend and get a few more baby items and we should be all set for Claire's arrival!  :) 
Can't wait to meet our little girl..

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  1. Sad I couldn't be at your shower but I heard and now see that is was beautiful! I love Claire's room and all the fun unique ideas you used throughout! I can't believe she is almost here...I feel like I just read your blog saying you were pregnant!