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Monday, October 14, 2013

5 years...

October 11, 2008, Travis and I tied the knot...and 5 years later we can honestly say we are happily married. It just keeps getting better! :)
There's times I can't believe it's been 5 years and there are times I feel it's been way longer..haha! 
It's amazing where God has lead us these past 5 years and I can't wait to see what else is in store for our many more years to come! :)
Makes me think of the Christian song..."When God made You." that song and the lyrics...get the chills every time I hear it! but my favorite version is Natalie Grant and Newsong duet....:) go listen and think of your significant other! :)

What did we do for our 5 year anny?  Well, We did have dinner plans but about an hour beforehand we cancelled and just ended up dropping the kids off at my parents, picking up a pizza and watched The Hangover 3 on our piece and quiet! haha. It was nothing glamorous..but it was the perfect date for us. After the movie we went and picked up our angels...and called it a night! :)
We have been in the same boat 2 other times before...when I am knocked up and almost due on our anniversary. haha. But, it seems it skips years...
The first year I was terribly sick pregnant with we stayed in and ate taco soup.
2nd year Trav surprised me with the best gift and we had a weekend get-a-way to Fort Worth (which I love) and then went to a Cowboy was awesome!  
3rd year...knocked up again and we had a family dinner outing at Logan's with Ty before Hanna was born.
4th year...went to a lovely dinner here in midland..
5th year...knocked up again with 3 weeks to we stayed home again...haha
so, our 6th year is going to be great!!! finally, we can take a nice trip! :) hehe! 
and don't expect me to say our 7th year will be preggars again...b/c I think we are done after Claire arrives! :) 
Doesn't matter what we do or where we spend's just nice to be together remembering why God chose to put us together! :) 

Trav even surprised me with a piece of chocolate!!! :) yummo!!!
and he got cheesecake...haha.

But look what 5 years brought us....2 wonderful healthy kids (maybe not the most picture cooperative..haha), and one on the way! 
Extremely blessed..and I thank God everyday! :)

Cheers to 5 years...and the more to come!

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