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Friday, October 4, 2013

34 week sono...

Wednesday we had our last sono of our little girl before her big arrival date...just about 4 weeks left. WOW! 
Everything looked excellent and she is still a girl..haha!  She's measuring right on target so we are assuming about 7-8 lbs. We shall see. Ty came out almost 9 lbs and hanna was a little over 7 maybe Claire will be 8???  
She is head down now but still a picture of her face was very hard to get. Plus, our normal sono tech wasn't there, whom we know, and usually get lots of great pics and even 4D ones...but this one just did the measurements and sent us on our way..:( but, at least we know she is a healthy little girl...that's all that matters!  So, you really can't make out anything on the pictures...guess she is still holding out on us...but the sono tech did mention she had a lot of hair...hmm...I feel like another Ty....lots of jet black hair...have no idea why I feel that way, but I do! ha! Again, we will find out in a month. :)
I go back thursday for my dr appt (sono appt's are separate) hopefully then I will find out exactly when little Claire gets to come out! :)

This morning Ty and Hanna got their flu shots ( I got mine last week and trav is hoping to get his soon)....I'm a big advocate for shots and immunizations..especially when having a NB in the fall! :) 
Ty knew exactly what was going to happen and pretty much cried about it all morning (luckily we went early)...and it took me and a nurse to hold him down..but, afterwards (and a sucker and bandaid) he told me "I was just a little scared." hmm...definitely fooled me! lol.
Hanna did great..just cried about the initial stick and then was good to go! ;)
But, bc of the shot and bc daddy and nimbus went to the deer lease (another crying factor) without him we went to Target to get him another part of his Ninja Turtle Collection...the crane! ( I am learning so much..haha)...of course hanna got another baby doll as well.  and since it was early and nobody really was at target we just strolled through the isles b/c it seemed there was Ninja Turtle stuff EVERYWHERE...and those little eyes can spy them from a mile away...he even got to practice riding a skateboard down the isle for awhile..haha. (He's been wanting one since one of the ninja turtles has one)..haha! 
but, We finally made our way out of that money pit! ha! 

Speaking of Target....if you haven't downloaded the Cartwheel App yet...and are a frequent shopper of target...go do it. I have had it for about a month now and always use it every trip I take..which is sadly, extremely often. It's like an electronic coupon book...that the clerk just scans and it automatically takes the coupon discounts off from the products you have purchased. It's kinda like pinterest where you have to go "pin" coupons that relate to you...and so what ever coupons are on your board..they take off at checkout! :) Which is nice for me b/c there are times I have forgotten I had coupons for my items and it's a surprise at checkout when more items get discounted...pretty cool. and it's even better if you do happen to have a paper coupon on top of your cartwheel app get double the discount! :) so, anyways....go try it! :)

Here are some funnies from the week....

Hanna giving her baby doll a haircut with daddy's beard trimmer! haha. We seriously are going to have to hide those..bc I fear for Claire's hair..or Ty's and Hanna's for that matter! ha.

Ty has been into "camping" lately....
I am not a camper..never have been and never had the interest to try..but this camping I can tolerate! haha..Laying on pillows on the den floor, with a snack and a cartoon! haha.

We have nothing planned this weekend...except for a pizza and movie night tonight (thought that might be 1) fun for us all and 2) distraction from the deer lease. We bought The Little Mermaid on DVD the other day when it came, that's what's Showing at The Roby Theater tonight.
Saturday we'll "try" and watch the Red Raiders play...and a cold front is coming in tonight with a high of that will be great weather to enjoy the fall.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! :)

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