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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Birthday, Hanna...

Happy, Happy Birthday to our Hanna James. Such a fun loving, nurturing, full of life little girl. She makes us smile and laugh constantly from her little, typically girly, antics. She brings so much joy to not only our lives but others around her. She waves and blows kisses to everyone and makes so many strangers smile with her contagious smile and laugh. 
Can't believe our little girl is 2. 

She loves her baby dolls and is the best little mommy...constantly taking care of them. 

                                                                        The many faces of HJR..

She has a mind of her own and loves to tell you to  "scoot back" when she wants to do things buckling into her carseat.. or she'll say, "I do it." 
Although she loves somebody to hold her at all times she has a sense of independency as well..gotta love the 2 year old phase! :)

Loves her jewelry and accessories...cracks us up with the random things she'll find and turn it into a form of jewelry...

Can never have enough...

Pretty fearless..not much scares her....definitely our climber and our super flexible little gymnast.

 Going to be the best big sister...

We love our little miss priss to the moon and back....can't imagine life without her. out..she does know how to operate a gun...and I see many hunts in our near future...

Although she is pretty fearless...she isn't a fan of the big ducks at our pond...or sharks! haha..guess shark week awhile back scared her for Ty has some shark toys for the bath and she will not allow them to get in the bath with her! haha.

Although she is a hot mess during the day.....she is our sleeping angel at night....we just love her so much! 
                 (The Eve of her 2nd birthday).

At 2...Hanna's favorites are...
Food: fruit, cookies, yogurt, fruit snacks
songs: Jesus Loves Me, Luby Lue, Wheels on the bus..and loves to dance
Books: All...she LOVES to read
Toys: baby dolls, jewelry 
TV Shows:  Still doesn't watch TV but will watch some football! :)

We go for her 2 year old check up we'll see her stats then! 
Her Stats are in and she....
Weighs: 26 lb 12 oz (53%)
Height: 34 1/2" (69%)

Growing just as she should! :) 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hanna's Ice Cream Party....

Saturday we had Hanna's 2nd bday party...she turns the Big 2 on tuesday the 29th! Sooooo hard to believe...It doesn't even seem possible! Our little girl is full of life and a little firecracker. The terrible 2's might have hit hard...but those days aren't daily... I love our little girl to pieces in fits or no fits...:)
She loves life, fruit, cookies, suckers, jumping, being carried and her baby dolls. She is the best little helper and has the sweetest maternal touch already...loves helping and taking care of people already. She is just so sweet and loving...she loves cuddling with people and having her back and belly rubbed.

When it came to planning her bday party it was kinda hard since she isn't into anything themed...but she does love her, I decided on an Ice Cream Party! She loves her "yo-yo" (yogurt) and loves our frozen yogurt visits so I figured Ice Cream would be a hit as well...and it was.

Got the invitations from SweetBean on Etsy.
Although Hanna usually loves the camera..the last month has been quite the taking her 2 year old pics has been a we had to work with what she was willing to give...

The original lemonade stand....has been used for so much...
and was yet again repurposed for her 
Ice Cream Parlor..

Used some pink fabric for the top and a plastic table cloth for the bottom...

Hanna's Ice Cream Parlor was serving:
Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry Ice Cream with all the fixings...

Funny side note story (So..we've been just a tad busy around here lately and I really thought finding ice cream cups (like the ones you get at a fro-yo store) would be easy to find....after searching 6 stores here in midland and a couple on-line I was super unsuccessful)....of course Etsy had some but by the time I looked I couldn't guarantee them to be here in time for the party. So, as I was telling Travis my dilemma I said...I'm just going to go to baskin robbins or somewhere and ask to buy some of their cups.  Well, being the nice husband he is, he replied, I can call Orange Leaf (our favorite frozen yogurt place here) and ask them. I thought...that sounds great..thanks! Well, he called and they willing to let us do that for a small charge...sold! So, when trav went to pick them up the next day...apparently the high school girl workers thought he was cute and gave him 25 for free. He came home that night with a big smile on his face and said, "Yup, I still got it." lol! made his day! hahaha! 

Luckily, My M-I-L has excellent handwriting and took over the job of writing on her board that I used for her 1st bday...bc I have absolute terrible handwriting. 

Treat table... Just the right height for little Toddler hands...haha.

Adult glasses...that were filled with water, pink lemonade or iced tea...

I made the treats the night before...although all were very easy they were a little time consuming...
ice cream cookies..aka..nutter butters dipped in chocolate with an m&m on top..I was hoping for pink but HEB that day only offered regular colored hind sight..I should have used red for a "cherry" but I was trying to stay in the pink theme...oh well! 

Bought pink Sugar-free wafer cookies and again, dipped them in chocolate and added sprinkles!

Also, made chocolate dipped pretzel rods with sprinkles...

Made Giant chocolate chip cookies with added sprinkles....are you catching the theme of sprinkles..haha.

Lastly, instead of traditional cupcakes I made the cupcake ice cream cone. (Just fill your ice cream cone 1/2 way with cake mix...I used confetti cake mix...and top with your choice of icing...I did a homemade pink buttercream and topped them each with a cherry). 

Found these cute cups (what kid doesn't love a cool straw cup..and something they could actually use) at Hobby Lobby while on my search for ice cream cups...along with the ice cream cone bubbles. :) Perfect!

Ice Cream Cone cupcakes for our special 2 year old.

Like I mentioned before, Hanna loves fruit and we had to have some 
strawberry filled Ice cream cones...

Found all my printables here at potterybarnkids...

and of course, we can't have a bday party without a bouncy house....the weather was absolutely perfect....just gorgeous! 

Fall banner turned bday banner...hung her bday banner from last year up...she'll probably see it every year...but I do need to change the number! ha.

Hanna woke up ready to party...I had not intended on her wearing her "party dress" all day, In fact, I had another outfit in mind..but she was insistent on wearing it beginning at 8:00 am...but, it was her bday party day so she called the shots...I was also surprised to see she wanted to wear her boots. She has had those boots in her closet for a long while now bc they are hand-me-downs from Sophi...but Hanna has never had any interest in wearing them...she prefers her sparkly shoes...but for whatever reason that morning she decided she wanted to wear her, again I let her. They didn't last long...but I was proud of her for attempting! :) Silly girl!

We kept it low key with just our family and her BFF Hallie was sweet to come celebrate with us..

 Ty taking cousin Addison for a spin...

Granddaddy with the bday girl..

Aunt Ash and cousin addison

Hallie, "jump, jump"

 Mom-Mom with the bday girl..

Bouncy house for fball for the guys! :) 

 Cool big Bro...
Brady enjoying some treats...

 Sweet cousins..

Our precious little girl! 

Here Grandpa...have a bite...

 She woke up that morning about 5:30 ready to go to her "birthday party" singing "Hap bir-day to you"..etc...and would pretend to blow out the when it came time to really blow the candle out she was a pro! haha.

 Happy birthday to our Hanna Girl..

Aunt Casey and Cousin Sophi...and no that's not chocolate on her lip...she fell a couple days before and busted her lip! ha! she's a tough cookie though...

Make your own Sundae...

Everyone Enjoying the afternoon the world's largest bowl..haha

These 2 girls have the potential to get into a lot of trouble when they get older...if they take after their daddy's! lol...luckily, the boys will have to catch them first! :)

Present time....
 Hanna loves to color so the paint daubers from Hallie are perfect..and a new CD that big brother hasn't scratched..haha..yay!

It's hard work opening up these cards..

Loves her baby stroller from aunt casey...she took it everywhere...and Hanna and her baby doll got matching scarves! so cute.

and a very sweet, personalized, singing jewelry box from aunt ash....

Filled with a necklace...oh, she was sooo excited! she loves her jewelry.

What a cute little momma!

A little playhouse from Gamy and Granddaddy...

Bassinet for her babies from mom-mom and grandpa filled with lots of goodies....

Like I said, she took her stroller everywhere..haha.

When the clothes come off I'd say the party was a success!!!! 
Happy Birthday to our sweet and loving Hanna James!
We love you to the moon and back!!!