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Monday, September 30, 2013

Ty's First Deer Hunt...

Like mentioned in the previous post, Ty went on his first real deer hunt. We are have a deer lease outside Sterling City and it has been wonderful. It's only a little over an hour away so...the past couple of years travis just makes day trips to go "play" and come hunting season he is down there often. Saturday, the boys loaded up and went for their first hunt of the 2013 season...Travis enjoys bow hunting but it is a little more tedious...especially for a 3 year old. The blinds are on the ground and closer to the deer feeders so your scent and voice and be traced easily. But, we packed lots of snacks, the iPad and hoped for the best. Ty is just like his daddy (in many ways..haha) but they both love to hunt. Ty was just excited to get out there! The only bad thing about the deer lease is no phone i had to wait until they were on the way home and of course when they got home, and the next day to hear all about their adventure. 
But, this is what I gathered.....

Ty did great.....but according to Travis...scared all the deer away versus letting them stay for awhile..haha. He would get so excited to see one and just couldn't stay quiet. haha. 
Apparently they saw a pig, or ty heard a pig and started oinking like one while deer were right in front of, naturally, they
I believe you have 30 minutes after dark to hunt...and that's always how long trav will sit (unless, of course he has already shot)...but this trip his little hunting buddy wanted to leave around 7...but, hey...I'm impressed he waited that long. 
So, they gathered all their stuff up and headed home, stopping at the DQ for a hamburger on the way...and our little boy was carried in, fast asleep!
I believe they both had the best time..and I guarantee they are both very excited for more father-son trips to come!

Ty was excited to paint his face, "like those guys on tv do." Yes, we watch a TON of hunting shows...and our little observant boy has to look/act the same!

Ty loves to play Tiger Woods Golf game on the ipad and a putt-putt game on travis' Iphone...but even those two games only distracted him for a few minutes...

 We have learned suckers are a must for all our travel trips (for both kids..and mom and dad), the deer lease trips are no different. :)

They spied one...Trav said they saw several deer...and Ty told me a story of watching a deer jump over a fence. 

God's land is just GORGEOUS....and a precious little boy enjoying it! :)

He is a great helper...helping daddy disguise the deer blind.

And my sweet, loving, lover of hunting..all turtles, etc....
 Makes me smile daily! ;)

Of course his daddy is going back this weekend...but without Ty...I have a feeling lots of tears are in my future! :(

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