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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's FALL...

Last Saturday we went back to Lubbock for the Texas Tech football game. Our last family football (out of town) game for the we are nearing Claire's birth..
We got to Lubbock a lot earlier than last time and were able to take some pictures around the campus...but of course, I forgot my the iphones had to do. Travis' took much better pics since he has updated his phone...i have yet to do that! :)
Ty and Hanna both enjoyed walking around seeing everything and where his daddy went to school but Ty was ready to go watch the football we went into the stadium and were glad to see a lot of our neighbors weren't there...we thought we might have more space this time....but then the game started and every seat filled up...haha. In fact, it was a record breaking attendance crowd! Ty nor Hanna wore the earplugs and did fine without them...they did as great as any 2 and 3 year old could do...but at halftime and after the bands finished playing it was our cue to leave! 
I love family trips with our little family..and the fact we can spend time together all enjoying a football game is just icing on the cake! :) However, it will be nice this saturday to watch the Red Raiders on our couch! :) 

I wish I had my camera for this picture...Both Kids are smiling big with their "guns up" proud daddy! :)

Hanna got a pom squad picture and autographs..along with a picture with them (and daddy...who we had to twist his arm big time to get in the said, if only he had kids in college..hahahahaha).... Hanna loved her picture and carried it around all night.

We watched as the alumni band walked to the game...

Cheering on the red raiders..

one of her many new faces..haha.

Although both kids like the football game...they both LOVE the bands..

Sunday night we had a bday party for a friend of ours...and since it was right behind our house Ty got to cruise on over in his jeep. He always picks his clothes out but this night...he picked out his pearl snap shirt, jeans, boots and asked to put "gel" in his hair (which he very rarely does)....we asked who he was going to impress and if he had a girlfriend...and he just laughed at us. haha. 

Since it's officially fall we had to bake some treats monday...and of course I can't do anything without the help of my cute little assistance! :)

We made a "smash cake", "oatmeal pumpkin muffins" and "banana pumpkin bread"

yes,  it was a mess!  but a fun one.

Monday night for lifegroup, Ty again chose a pearl snap shirt (lol) and was adamant about the shoes bc "they had the same colors as his shirt." and we don't go far without one of daddy's hats! haha..goofy little boy...whom I love, love, love! 

Tuesday we didn't get home late because we are doing a little class type thing for our friend who is the childrens minister at church getting his mom-mom and grandpa watched T&H while we were analyzed (haha)....afterwards we went to get the kids and stayed and chatted awhile since we don't see my parents too often...yes, they live in the same town but with both busy schedules we don't get to see them we stayed too late...and I am paying for it Ty, especially, is having a rough day. :( His Karate place added a mon/wed morning class which we switched to b/c t/th at 5 seemed to be difficult for us...but this morning proved I am not sure which time is better! lol.. we love where he takes Karate and they are sooooo great with kids and expect discipline and don't baby the after Ty's tantrum and guidance from his teacher, hugs and kisses from mommy, he was back on track and was our little karate boy again..however, he did have to come home and go straight to his room...he came out later to eat lunch and went straight back to take a nap....b/c he is that tired...poor little boy! 
Tonight I think we will come home after Hanna's gymnastics instead of attending church...bc we all need rest and another late night is not what we need right God, please forgive us! :) Luckily we have our study guide from our class and we can do it at home! :)

"I can do all things through Christ who gives me Strength." :)

The other day I asked Ty go put his shoes in his closet and he went above and beyond and picked up his room as well...haha...he is definitely my clean child and a good helper. :)

he "made his bed"

and "organized his shoes"

and he has earned 3 stripes in karate..2 more and he gets a yellow belt. 

and this is miss priss..eating her "jelly sandwich" aka..liking off the jelly and pb! 

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