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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Football Weekend...

We kicked off the football season with a weekend of family and football. 
Friday night we went to watch my little cousin play for the Big Spring Steers vs Midland Christian! Hanna didn't quite appreciate the loud noises..but, we realized we were glad we went to this game first before the big collegiate game the next day. Good warm up! ha! 
We actually made the whole game and able to see our cousin and our favorite MCS mustangs afterwards on the field. We go to church with a ton of MCS people so it was fun watching some of Ty's favorite "big boys" play...Ty thought that was pretty cool.
We were the last people off the field, which was way, way after the kids bedtimes, but Ty was having a great time playing football and running around. Hanna was just tired and going through the motions. We knew she'd crash right as we put her in the carseat..and she did. 

One cool dude! ha!

Ty loves football and really enjoys watching it. He's actually good at spotting the "football guys" he knows...#10, 32 and 2!
But at the end of the night when I asked him what his favorite thing was he said, "going to get a snack with grandpa." haha.

Hanna holding tight to mom-mom as she never was quite sure of the noise.

Saturday, was all about football....Game day, fball on tv and then going to lubbock for the Red Raider game. 
Since the kids were tired from the night before their naps lasted longer than normal (which was probably a good thing) but we didn't get off as soon as hoped. But we were there in time for kickoff as we sat outside the gate for 30 minutes until the severe weather alert passed and they fans enter the stadium. 
After we got situated in our seats..the kids did pretty well. Again, the noise got Hanna but she warmed up and tolerated it a little better towards the end. Both kids were starting to get antsy right before halftime so we watched the band and then left the game and headed home. 
All in all, everyone did pretty well. I had a backpack full of snacks (shhh...) to help occupy hanna...Ty watched the game on travis's shoulder the whole half (luckily there isn't a row behind us)...trav and I didn't get to watch the game as much as would have liked with 2 kids climbing all over us...haha..but, we had a great time. Hanna liked watching the Horse run across the field when they scored and Ty watched for Raider Red constantly. They both warmed up to it all and clapped, cheered and said, "go Tech" all the time. I love watching football but it was fun watching the kids interact with the game! 

Hanna enjoying her hotdog...

     not so sure about the noise yet...

Love my boys....of course Ty had to wear his football uniform, shoulder pads included...and in the 2nd quarter asked if he could take his jersey off bc he was hot...haha. 

Guns Up..

Love, love my little red raider...

It's the Goin' Band from RaiderLand....

Pretty much Hanna's position the whole game...hand over ears. We brought ear plugs but she wouldn't keep them Ty wore them for a bit..until we all got use to the loud speakers! haha.

Hanna just stretched out and enjoyed the beautiful weather..haha.

All the people around us could not have been nicer...and that helps tremendously when 2 kids are everywhere! haha...
Ty gets to go back with Gamy and Granddaddy on thursday to the Tech vs TCU game on thursday..and he is already pumped about, his cousin brady is going to get his first tech football experience and gets to go with them. Both boys are super excited...thanks to gamy and granddaddy who are letting them tag along! 
Yay for fall, football and family! My absolute favorite time of the year!! 
and GOOOO Cowboys!! :)

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