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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Daily reports...

This week has come and gone so fast...we are just so busy it makes days fly by. I feel I have so much to do for Claire but no time in may or may not have a completed room by birth..but, she'll be sleeping in our room anyways for a few weeks so hopefully if it doesn't get done she won't mind. It's just funny bc by this time with the other 2 rooms were completely done...sorry claire. ha! 
Monday I did get clothes out of the attic and washed them....she might not have a carseat or other baby essentials..but she has clothes! haha..yay for hand-me-downs! This is just her NB stack! hehe! Doing laundry kinda made it seem a little more real..just a little bit! Still hard to believe we will be welcoming another child into the world in 6 weeks! aahhh.

Monday night at lifegroup we decided to study the book of James. And I am excited about that as it's one of my favorite books of the Bible! :) 

Tuesday at Karate, Kung Fu Panda joined the class...and lets just say it didn't go over well with the younger kids in, Ty! haha. Ty sat on the mat and held strong for a few minutes and then bust out in tears...haha.. it was so cute and sad at the same time. He was calmed down and gathered himself until he was called up to practice his spill for tournaments....(which was in front of the panda)...and he lost it again. So he sat in my lap and watched until panda was gone. They showed him that is was just his teacher, "Sifu Jason" and he thought that was hilarious and that he "played a good joke on him." haha. Glad it was funny afterwards bc he was definitely a scaredy cat for the first part!!! haha.

This is hanna's report from school... she is very caring and maternal and loves taking care of people...and apparently at school it's no different...even if they are all bigger than she is! haha. sweet girl. She's getting better about being dropped off but we still have tears...but she has a great time while she is there.

wednesday we worked in our flowerbeds bc it was finally much cooler and we took advantage. While my little helpers were digging ty found 2 roll-pollies that he just had to keep...and somehow convinced me to let him keep them inside. he named them "rolly" and "polly" and takes them everywhere. :) From a little boy who hates to be dirty I was kinda shocked to see him picking them up and playing with them. haha.

Finally after a month or so of a rain gutter sitting in our garage we finally had time to hang them..or at least observe trav hang them...hehe! 
I got the idea off pinterest and we were very impressed and happy with the turnout. and hanna loves her new reading corner. I would totally recommend the project...super easy, inexpensive and functional.! 

Speaking of hanna....wednesday at gymnastics Hanna and her BFF, Hallie, pulled a little joke on their teacher and she couldn't figure out who was who! haha...she finally had to come out and ask us which one was! to be a fly on the wall when a teacher is asking 2, two year olds a question would be pretty amusing! haha.

 Today is my sisters bday and I can't imagine life without glad Hanna and Claire will have a sister bond..there is nothing like it! :)

While I was getting food prepared to take to friends I heard the girls laughing in my room but just let them play and laugh bc they were occupied..i thought...what could they possibly get into in my bedroom...well..this~ 
A bathtub full of water with a bunch of clothes and other random items...and a homemade slip n slide on the floor...with 2 drenched girls! mistake..should have known better! 

These 2 are just a mess and without the boys (who went to the tech- tcu game) were just trouble! haha.

And gamy and granddaddy flew in for the tech- tcu game and for the weekend. They were kind enough to not only take Ty but Brady as well. 
This was Brady's first collegiate fball game (besides a few ACU games). I think they had a lot of fun..

Travis went to the deer lease this afternoon to check his deer while he is looking at those on the computer and watching the tech game...he is in heaven...and I am just a fly on the wall. haha. this is why i chose to get married in I have at least 1 day with my hubs during hunting season..hahaha! just kidding! It's one of those things...if you can't beat them join, I watch fball (which I enjoy doing anyways) and entertain his deer cam share his excitement and every chance I get I/ we (ty and hanna) go with him hunting! :) 

Having both kids in extracurricular activities as well as mine and travis' life is busy...and it's just going to get busier with another child! haha! but, we are learning to adapt and wouldn't have it any other way! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!! 

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