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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Boys and Girls day...

At lunch time Trav and Ty went on their first father-son deer hunting trip...just the two of them. They were both super excited...washed their clothes in scentlock detergent and took a shower with scent lock soap...Ty thought all that was very cool. They argued over who was going to shoot the first deer and Ty came crying to me when his daddy told him he couldn't shoot a deer. haha! But, in Travis''s only bow season so guns aren't allowed. So, after explaining that to Ty he went and gathered his bow and arrows up. haha...he was ready to get a deer. It was pretty cute seeing how excited Trav Ty was! 
When Trav mentioned Ty going to the deerlease the night before I said, sure have at it...knowing it could be interesting. Ty absolutely loves to hunt..but the being quiet part is not his forte...and since bow blinds are groundblinds just a short distance from the not a 3 year olds best place to be quiet! haha...but, i knew they would have fun and Trav wasn't looking to shoot today..just to go scope it out! So, they loaded up and took off...with lots of snacks in tow! haha.
I just talked to Trav...they are on their way back and saw several deer but apparently Ty scared off all the deer that did come that! (he just gets soo excited)...and he did get tired of sitting in the blind so they left early...but, ultimately they had a great time and Ty was telling me all about it! (and how he didn't see any biggest fear of Ty going out there)...
Wish I could be there to experience his excitement...but I guarantee there will be years of deer lease trips to come...

My cute little hunter...

 he put his bow in the gun (he's actually really good at shooting his bow)..

and they are off ( shave november started early..yay (enter

So, While the boys went to the deer lease it was just a girl afternoon...
We put our fall and halloween decor out and planted our fall flowers that morning before the boys left.. (ty helped..he loves to hunt but also loves to decorate..i like to think of it as well rounded..travis says he needs more guy
so after they left and hanna had her lunch...she wanted a I gave her one and I went into my room to put the dreaded laundry away (ggrrrr....)...I heard her cheering for the football game and then she was quiet. I thought yay, she's occupied by the game so I can get some things I nonchalantly peaked around the corner being careful she didn't see me and ruin the moment..and when I did, I saw her passed out on the couch! haha...awww...sweet baby girl. This has never happened..but i thought it was precious. no wonder her cheering had stopped. 
So, I turned all the lights off and turned the tv down and let her take her nap there...since nobody was home to interrupt her..and i continued on in my room..and actually had time to clean/re-organize my dreadful was a disaster!  

After nap time..and a change of clothes (she spilled a drop of water on her shirt and had to change)...she honestly changes clothes at least 3 times a lie. (unless it's a school day and she'll stay in the the same outfit all day). 
We met mom-mom at the mall to look for shoes (bc her feet smell atrocious)....but instead of shoes she found all the purses....she loves purses..and jewelery..she had everyone laughing at her but managed to get away with 1 purse (don't was paid for)...
I thoroughly enjoyed just our one on one time...her little personality cracks me up...very prissy.
she loves babies and since we were in the baby section (claire got some things too)...she would see posters of babies and go up to them and wave, chat and carry
but, there is only so much fun you can have at the midland dillards...and we went home....

and had a snack...that shopping was hard work..haha.
we did some organizing in claire's room....and

we watched our second fball game of the day...LSU vs Georgia...Great game

and i got some great cuddles/loving..I wasn't intending on getting my face in this picture and wanted a re-do but once she heard the click...she raised up and asked to see the pic...and the cuddle moment was gone! haha. (So, ignore my lovely face)..

Then it was time for supper...she requested "cereal" i couldn't let her down..haha! I thought it was an excellent idea..haha ( cooking for this momma)..

can't leave any milk behind! 

after her 2 bowls of cereal (rice krispies) was bath time...
hanna makes me laugh because although she is pretty girly..she also acts like her big brother...going around acting like dinosaurs and using her towel as a super-woman cape! 

She loves to wash her hands (which we do i can't say no to washing of hands (remember her mom is OCD)..haha...and she also loves to brush her teeth..which i limit to 2-3 times a day..haha.

Then it was back on the couch to watch yet another fball game...A&M...and after Hanna put her baby to sleep...I put my little baby girl to sleep! 
I love seeing Hanna's personality, expressions..and being girly. we sang countless songs, cheered on fball teams, decorated, laughed, ate and just enjoyed each itinerary and no distractions...just us two..and it was so nice!

We had a great day together (and to be honest..I got a little bored having just 1..but, I could watch what I wanted on TV..hehe..which ended up being football)...and I Think the one on one time is exactly what Ty and Hanna both needed from Trav and it has been a zoo around here lately! 
Love my baby girl to the moon and back and still can't believe we are going to have another girl in 5 weeks!!! But, no doubt she will have the best big brother and sister!

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