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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Baby #3 Update...

Well, the first trimester came and did the second...and now we are a few weeks into the 3rd. 32 and 4 days along...just almost 6 weeks left. Crazy, crazy! 
Claire is now the size of a melon...supposedly weighing in at 4.5lbs and 19in long...
I had a dr appt today to check in on her and she seemed to be doing great...excellent heartbeat and measuring just fine. I go back in 2 weeks to get our last sono of our baby girl before we see her in person! :) Can't Wait!  :)
Each pregnancy is different (or at least has been for me) and they say the more you carry the lower you carry each time...well, I can't imagine how those momma's feel with baby #4,5 etc...I feel at any moment an extremity is about to pop out down there! hahaha. I constantly feel I have to cross my legs to keep her! and the pressure is way more intense...luckily travis has been very generous lately and I get a few minute lower back rub at night..haha! But, it's fun knowing she is safe and sound and cozy in her little home for now. :) 
Her room is almost complete...still a few more things and the NB clothes have been we are getting prepared for our little girl. Can't wait to see what she will look like? Brown hair like Ty? Blonde like, Hanna's???? My mother guesses red like her aunt casey so we can have 1 of each..haha...I think brown hair, brown eyes....trav things brown hair, green, we shall see in a matter of single digit weeks! :)
Until then she can keep cooking and developing! :)

While she bakes in the oven....her older siblings are on the go....

park time with cousin sophi!

Hanna loves to color...unfortunately, her choice of utensil is a pen or marker she'll find...and her artist skills get shown on all the furniture and walls...It's amazing how she finds her utensils...but like most toddlers...they are sneaky! She always tells me she is writing, "T-Y"...haha...lucky, ty...he has it so easy. haha. 
 This time she did actually have a little piece of paper to color on..and her creative juices must have been flowing in this lovely position....yes, she had to 1)get a bigger piece of paper and 2)not color on the couch..but not before the picture! haha.

This lovely piece of art was done at her Gamy and granddaddy's house a few weeks back..luckily it was only on the bathtub in washable it was easy to wash off...but oh, hanna! ha!

After naptime snuggles! I love my babies to pieces and cherish every snuggle time! :) When I asked them where Claire is going to sit Ty replied back, "With Daddy." haha!

We hate when Hallie's mommy is out of town but we love it bc that means she  (and her daddy) get to come play! :) neither girl really cares much about eating...but clearly they loved the corn on the cob before bedtime! :) silly girls! 

Lately, not sure why...maybe molars??? Hanna has not been sleeping at night and only will sleep on our bed. She sure is going to miss her Claire pillow soon! What are sisters for?? 

Hanna will eat anything chocolate or cereal...just like her we indulged cake batter together! :) hehe.

and while I was trying (key word here) to put away/organize claire's little helpers played away....haha! Ty just cracks me up....while he was trying on "hats" hanna was in her favorite spot...the crib..she climbed out of it at 15M and can climb in it at 22M...I seriously fear for claire's life sometimes..she might just be smothered! haha. But, while we were in her room It was soooooo sweet bc Ty told hanna, "Hanna, we are going to have a baby sister. Did you know that? I am going to have 2 little sisters." haha! 
He is just so sweet and will be the BEST big Bro to 2 little sisters! :)

And I have a prayer request....during your prayer time could you please mention a friend of ours who just found out has a mass on his brain....had surgery monday but was unable to remove it...dr's are hoping radiation and chemo can treat it..hoping it's a stage 2 mass (out of a 4) but still unknown! He is our age..and has a wife. So, please say a prayer for the Lord to heal him! 
as we know, "He can do Immeasurably more." 

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