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Monday, September 30, 2013

Ty's First Deer Hunt...

Like mentioned in the previous post, Ty went on his first real deer hunt. We are have a deer lease outside Sterling City and it has been wonderful. It's only a little over an hour away so...the past couple of years travis just makes day trips to go "play" and come hunting season he is down there often. Saturday, the boys loaded up and went for their first hunt of the 2013 season...Travis enjoys bow hunting but it is a little more tedious...especially for a 3 year old. The blinds are on the ground and closer to the deer feeders so your scent and voice and be traced easily. But, we packed lots of snacks, the iPad and hoped for the best. Ty is just like his daddy (in many ways..haha) but they both love to hunt. Ty was just excited to get out there! The only bad thing about the deer lease is no phone i had to wait until they were on the way home and of course when they got home, and the next day to hear all about their adventure. 
But, this is what I gathered.....

Ty did great.....but according to Travis...scared all the deer away versus letting them stay for awhile..haha. He would get so excited to see one and just couldn't stay quiet. haha. 
Apparently they saw a pig, or ty heard a pig and started oinking like one while deer were right in front of, naturally, they
I believe you have 30 minutes after dark to hunt...and that's always how long trav will sit (unless, of course he has already shot)...but this trip his little hunting buddy wanted to leave around 7...but, hey...I'm impressed he waited that long. 
So, they gathered all their stuff up and headed home, stopping at the DQ for a hamburger on the way...and our little boy was carried in, fast asleep!
I believe they both had the best time..and I guarantee they are both very excited for more father-son trips to come!

Ty was excited to paint his face, "like those guys on tv do." Yes, we watch a TON of hunting shows...and our little observant boy has to look/act the same!

Ty loves to play Tiger Woods Golf game on the ipad and a putt-putt game on travis' Iphone...but even those two games only distracted him for a few minutes...

 We have learned suckers are a must for all our travel trips (for both kids..and mom and dad), the deer lease trips are no different. :)

They spied one...Trav said they saw several deer...and Ty told me a story of watching a deer jump over a fence. 

God's land is just GORGEOUS....and a precious little boy enjoying it! :)

He is a great helper...helping daddy disguise the deer blind.

And my sweet, loving, lover of hunting..all turtles, etc....
 Makes me smile daily! ;)

Of course his daddy is going back this weekend...but without Ty...I have a feeling lots of tears are in my future! :(

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Boys and Girls day...

At lunch time Trav and Ty went on their first father-son deer hunting trip...just the two of them. They were both super excited...washed their clothes in scentlock detergent and took a shower with scent lock soap...Ty thought all that was very cool. They argued over who was going to shoot the first deer and Ty came crying to me when his daddy told him he couldn't shoot a deer. haha! But, in Travis''s only bow season so guns aren't allowed. So, after explaining that to Ty he went and gathered his bow and arrows up. haha...he was ready to get a deer. It was pretty cute seeing how excited Trav Ty was! 
When Trav mentioned Ty going to the deerlease the night before I said, sure have at it...knowing it could be interesting. Ty absolutely loves to hunt..but the being quiet part is not his forte...and since bow blinds are groundblinds just a short distance from the not a 3 year olds best place to be quiet! haha...but, i knew they would have fun and Trav wasn't looking to shoot today..just to go scope it out! So, they loaded up and took off...with lots of snacks in tow! haha.
I just talked to Trav...they are on their way back and saw several deer but apparently Ty scared off all the deer that did come that! (he just gets soo excited)...and he did get tired of sitting in the blind so they left early...but, ultimately they had a great time and Ty was telling me all about it! (and how he didn't see any biggest fear of Ty going out there)...
Wish I could be there to experience his excitement...but I guarantee there will be years of deer lease trips to come...

My cute little hunter...

 he put his bow in the gun (he's actually really good at shooting his bow)..

and they are off ( shave november started early..yay (enter

So, While the boys went to the deer lease it was just a girl afternoon...
We put our fall and halloween decor out and planted our fall flowers that morning before the boys left.. (ty helped..he loves to hunt but also loves to decorate..i like to think of it as well rounded..travis says he needs more guy
so after they left and hanna had her lunch...she wanted a I gave her one and I went into my room to put the dreaded laundry away (ggrrrr....)...I heard her cheering for the football game and then she was quiet. I thought yay, she's occupied by the game so I can get some things I nonchalantly peaked around the corner being careful she didn't see me and ruin the moment..and when I did, I saw her passed out on the couch! haha...awww...sweet baby girl. This has never happened..but i thought it was precious. no wonder her cheering had stopped. 
So, I turned all the lights off and turned the tv down and let her take her nap there...since nobody was home to interrupt her..and i continued on in my room..and actually had time to clean/re-organize my dreadful was a disaster!  

After nap time..and a change of clothes (she spilled a drop of water on her shirt and had to change)...she honestly changes clothes at least 3 times a lie. (unless it's a school day and she'll stay in the the same outfit all day). 
We met mom-mom at the mall to look for shoes (bc her feet smell atrocious)....but instead of shoes she found all the purses....she loves purses..and jewelery..she had everyone laughing at her but managed to get away with 1 purse (don't was paid for)...
I thoroughly enjoyed just our one on one time...her little personality cracks me up...very prissy.
she loves babies and since we were in the baby section (claire got some things too)...she would see posters of babies and go up to them and wave, chat and carry
but, there is only so much fun you can have at the midland dillards...and we went home....

and had a snack...that shopping was hard work..haha.
we did some organizing in claire's room....and

we watched our second fball game of the day...LSU vs Georgia...Great game

and i got some great cuddles/loving..I wasn't intending on getting my face in this picture and wanted a re-do but once she heard the click...she raised up and asked to see the pic...and the cuddle moment was gone! haha. (So, ignore my lovely face)..

Then it was time for supper...she requested "cereal" i couldn't let her down..haha! I thought it was an excellent idea..haha ( cooking for this momma)..

can't leave any milk behind! 

after her 2 bowls of cereal (rice krispies) was bath time...
hanna makes me laugh because although she is pretty girly..she also acts like her big brother...going around acting like dinosaurs and using her towel as a super-woman cape! 

She loves to wash her hands (which we do i can't say no to washing of hands (remember her mom is OCD)..haha...and she also loves to brush her teeth..which i limit to 2-3 times a day..haha.

Then it was back on the couch to watch yet another fball game...A&M...and after Hanna put her baby to sleep...I put my little baby girl to sleep! 
I love seeing Hanna's personality, expressions..and being girly. we sang countless songs, cheered on fball teams, decorated, laughed, ate and just enjoyed each itinerary and no distractions...just us two..and it was so nice!

We had a great day together (and to be honest..I got a little bored having just 1..but, I could watch what I wanted on TV..hehe..which ended up being football)...and I Think the one on one time is exactly what Ty and Hanna both needed from Trav and it has been a zoo around here lately! 
Love my baby girl to the moon and back and still can't believe we are going to have another girl in 5 weeks!!! But, no doubt she will have the best big brother and sister!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall Recipes...

Like I mentioned in my last and the kids made some Fall treats...and I thought I would share...

I got them all off Pinterest....I love to bake and love to try new recipes...and thought these would be a great way to start off the Fall season...

First we made a Wacky Cake...
It has nothing to do with fall..but I love chocolate and this cake seemed like fun to we did. :)
and it was indeed wacky...or at least the directions were...ha!
I had never heard of this type of cake and after reading the ingredients and recipes I was intrigued and had to try it...apparently it came from the depression, it was we gave it a try and was pleasantly surprised.....I did the mint version b/c I love mint things...and used the "wacky cake frosting"....and added mint extract in there as well....I did want to make another pinata after seeing my icing but pressed on and trusted the directions....and it didn't disappoint.
Even if you don't like the sound of the cake go make it just for the fun of's very different..and science experiment-esce. :)

 Get the recipe here

Then we made Pumpkin Oatmeal Muffins  
Thought it would be a great breakfast item..and easy on the go for school days...

They were good...we all like them. Not a whole lot of flavor but good for toddlers. We even made mini-muffins for little toddler hands...but of course, they like the big ones..haha.

Lastly, we made the Pumpkin Banana Bread 

Here are the directions...

We all liked this one very much as well....definitely has way more flavor than the muffins..but is also your traditional pumpkin bread with the added bananas!  Very good..if you like pumpkin bread! :)

anyways, thought I would share our baking tests...

Happy Fall!!!

It's FALL...

Last Saturday we went back to Lubbock for the Texas Tech football game. Our last family football (out of town) game for the we are nearing Claire's birth..
We got to Lubbock a lot earlier than last time and were able to take some pictures around the campus...but of course, I forgot my the iphones had to do. Travis' took much better pics since he has updated his phone...i have yet to do that! :)
Ty and Hanna both enjoyed walking around seeing everything and where his daddy went to school but Ty was ready to go watch the football we went into the stadium and were glad to see a lot of our neighbors weren't there...we thought we might have more space this time....but then the game started and every seat filled up...haha. In fact, it was a record breaking attendance crowd! Ty nor Hanna wore the earplugs and did fine without them...they did as great as any 2 and 3 year old could do...but at halftime and after the bands finished playing it was our cue to leave! 
I love family trips with our little family..and the fact we can spend time together all enjoying a football game is just icing on the cake! :) However, it will be nice this saturday to watch the Red Raiders on our couch! :) 

I wish I had my camera for this picture...Both Kids are smiling big with their "guns up" proud daddy! :)

Hanna got a pom squad picture and autographs..along with a picture with them (and daddy...who we had to twist his arm big time to get in the said, if only he had kids in college..hahahahaha).... Hanna loved her picture and carried it around all night.

We watched as the alumni band walked to the game...

Cheering on the red raiders..

one of her many new faces..haha.

Although both kids like the football game...they both LOVE the bands..

Sunday night we had a bday party for a friend of ours...and since it was right behind our house Ty got to cruise on over in his jeep. He always picks his clothes out but this night...he picked out his pearl snap shirt, jeans, boots and asked to put "gel" in his hair (which he very rarely does)....we asked who he was going to impress and if he had a girlfriend...and he just laughed at us. haha. 

Since it's officially fall we had to bake some treats monday...and of course I can't do anything without the help of my cute little assistance! :)

We made a "smash cake", "oatmeal pumpkin muffins" and "banana pumpkin bread"

yes,  it was a mess!  but a fun one.

Monday night for lifegroup, Ty again chose a pearl snap shirt (lol) and was adamant about the shoes bc "they had the same colors as his shirt." and we don't go far without one of daddy's hats! haha..goofy little boy...whom I love, love, love! 

Tuesday we didn't get home late because we are doing a little class type thing for our friend who is the childrens minister at church getting his mom-mom and grandpa watched T&H while we were analyzed (haha)....afterwards we went to get the kids and stayed and chatted awhile since we don't see my parents too often...yes, they live in the same town but with both busy schedules we don't get to see them we stayed too late...and I am paying for it Ty, especially, is having a rough day. :( His Karate place added a mon/wed morning class which we switched to b/c t/th at 5 seemed to be difficult for us...but this morning proved I am not sure which time is better! lol.. we love where he takes Karate and they are sooooo great with kids and expect discipline and don't baby the after Ty's tantrum and guidance from his teacher, hugs and kisses from mommy, he was back on track and was our little karate boy again..however, he did have to come home and go straight to his room...he came out later to eat lunch and went straight back to take a nap....b/c he is that tired...poor little boy! 
Tonight I think we will come home after Hanna's gymnastics instead of attending church...bc we all need rest and another late night is not what we need right God, please forgive us! :) Luckily we have our study guide from our class and we can do it at home! :)

"I can do all things through Christ who gives me Strength." :)

The other day I asked Ty go put his shoes in his closet and he went above and beyond and picked up his room as well...haha...he is definitely my clean child and a good helper. :)

he "made his bed"

and "organized his shoes"

and he has earned 3 stripes in karate..2 more and he gets a yellow belt. 

and this is miss priss..eating her "jelly sandwich" aka..liking off the jelly and pb! 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Baby #3 Update...

Well, the first trimester came and did the second...and now we are a few weeks into the 3rd. 32 and 4 days along...just almost 6 weeks left. Crazy, crazy! 
Claire is now the size of a melon...supposedly weighing in at 4.5lbs and 19in long...
I had a dr appt today to check in on her and she seemed to be doing great...excellent heartbeat and measuring just fine. I go back in 2 weeks to get our last sono of our baby girl before we see her in person! :) Can't Wait!  :)
Each pregnancy is different (or at least has been for me) and they say the more you carry the lower you carry each time...well, I can't imagine how those momma's feel with baby #4,5 etc...I feel at any moment an extremity is about to pop out down there! hahaha. I constantly feel I have to cross my legs to keep her! and the pressure is way more intense...luckily travis has been very generous lately and I get a few minute lower back rub at night..haha! But, it's fun knowing she is safe and sound and cozy in her little home for now. :) 
Her room is almost complete...still a few more things and the NB clothes have been we are getting prepared for our little girl. Can't wait to see what she will look like? Brown hair like Ty? Blonde like, Hanna's???? My mother guesses red like her aunt casey so we can have 1 of each..haha...I think brown hair, brown eyes....trav things brown hair, green, we shall see in a matter of single digit weeks! :)
Until then she can keep cooking and developing! :)

While she bakes in the oven....her older siblings are on the go....

park time with cousin sophi!

Hanna loves to color...unfortunately, her choice of utensil is a pen or marker she'll find...and her artist skills get shown on all the furniture and walls...It's amazing how she finds her utensils...but like most toddlers...they are sneaky! She always tells me she is writing, "T-Y"...haha...lucky, ty...he has it so easy. haha. 
 This time she did actually have a little piece of paper to color on..and her creative juices must have been flowing in this lovely position....yes, she had to 1)get a bigger piece of paper and 2)not color on the couch..but not before the picture! haha.

This lovely piece of art was done at her Gamy and granddaddy's house a few weeks back..luckily it was only on the bathtub in washable it was easy to wash off...but oh, hanna! ha!

After naptime snuggles! I love my babies to pieces and cherish every snuggle time! :) When I asked them where Claire is going to sit Ty replied back, "With Daddy." haha!

We hate when Hallie's mommy is out of town but we love it bc that means she  (and her daddy) get to come play! :) neither girl really cares much about eating...but clearly they loved the corn on the cob before bedtime! :) silly girls! 

Lately, not sure why...maybe molars??? Hanna has not been sleeping at night and only will sleep on our bed. She sure is going to miss her Claire pillow soon! What are sisters for?? 

Hanna will eat anything chocolate or cereal...just like her we indulged cake batter together! :) hehe.

and while I was trying (key word here) to put away/organize claire's little helpers played away....haha! Ty just cracks me up....while he was trying on "hats" hanna was in her favorite spot...the crib..she climbed out of it at 15M and can climb in it at 22M...I seriously fear for claire's life sometimes..she might just be smothered! haha. But, while we were in her room It was soooooo sweet bc Ty told hanna, "Hanna, we are going to have a baby sister. Did you know that? I am going to have 2 little sisters." haha! 
He is just so sweet and will be the BEST big Bro to 2 little sisters! :)

And I have a prayer request....during your prayer time could you please mention a friend of ours who just found out has a mass on his brain....had surgery monday but was unable to remove it...dr's are hoping radiation and chemo can treat it..hoping it's a stage 2 mass (out of a 4) but still unknown! He is our age..and has a wife. So, please say a prayer for the Lord to heal him! 
as we know, "He can do Immeasurably more." 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Daily reports...

This week has come and gone so fast...we are just so busy it makes days fly by. I feel I have so much to do for Claire but no time in may or may not have a completed room by birth..but, she'll be sleeping in our room anyways for a few weeks so hopefully if it doesn't get done she won't mind. It's just funny bc by this time with the other 2 rooms were completely done...sorry claire. ha! 
Monday I did get clothes out of the attic and washed them....she might not have a carseat or other baby essentials..but she has clothes! haha..yay for hand-me-downs! This is just her NB stack! hehe! Doing laundry kinda made it seem a little more real..just a little bit! Still hard to believe we will be welcoming another child into the world in 6 weeks! aahhh.

Monday night at lifegroup we decided to study the book of James. And I am excited about that as it's one of my favorite books of the Bible! :) 

Tuesday at Karate, Kung Fu Panda joined the class...and lets just say it didn't go over well with the younger kids in, Ty! haha. Ty sat on the mat and held strong for a few minutes and then bust out in tears...haha.. it was so cute and sad at the same time. He was calmed down and gathered himself until he was called up to practice his spill for tournaments....(which was in front of the panda)...and he lost it again. So he sat in my lap and watched until panda was gone. They showed him that is was just his teacher, "Sifu Jason" and he thought that was hilarious and that he "played a good joke on him." haha. Glad it was funny afterwards bc he was definitely a scaredy cat for the first part!!! haha.

This is hanna's report from school... she is very caring and maternal and loves taking care of people...and apparently at school it's no different...even if they are all bigger than she is! haha. sweet girl. She's getting better about being dropped off but we still have tears...but she has a great time while she is there.

wednesday we worked in our flowerbeds bc it was finally much cooler and we took advantage. While my little helpers were digging ty found 2 roll-pollies that he just had to keep...and somehow convinced me to let him keep them inside. he named them "rolly" and "polly" and takes them everywhere. :) From a little boy who hates to be dirty I was kinda shocked to see him picking them up and playing with them. haha.

Finally after a month or so of a rain gutter sitting in our garage we finally had time to hang them..or at least observe trav hang them...hehe! 
I got the idea off pinterest and we were very impressed and happy with the turnout. and hanna loves her new reading corner. I would totally recommend the project...super easy, inexpensive and functional.! 

Speaking of hanna....wednesday at gymnastics Hanna and her BFF, Hallie, pulled a little joke on their teacher and she couldn't figure out who was who! haha...she finally had to come out and ask us which one was! to be a fly on the wall when a teacher is asking 2, two year olds a question would be pretty amusing! haha.

 Today is my sisters bday and I can't imagine life without glad Hanna and Claire will have a sister bond..there is nothing like it! :)

While I was getting food prepared to take to friends I heard the girls laughing in my room but just let them play and laugh bc they were occupied..i thought...what could they possibly get into in my bedroom...well..this~ 
A bathtub full of water with a bunch of clothes and other random items...and a homemade slip n slide on the floor...with 2 drenched girls! mistake..should have known better! 

These 2 are just a mess and without the boys (who went to the tech- tcu game) were just trouble! haha.

And gamy and granddaddy flew in for the tech- tcu game and for the weekend. They were kind enough to not only take Ty but Brady as well. 
This was Brady's first collegiate fball game (besides a few ACU games). I think they had a lot of fun..

Travis went to the deer lease this afternoon to check his deer while he is looking at those on the computer and watching the tech game...he is in heaven...and I am just a fly on the wall. haha. this is why i chose to get married in I have at least 1 day with my hubs during hunting season..hahaha! just kidding! It's one of those things...if you can't beat them join, I watch fball (which I enjoy doing anyways) and entertain his deer cam share his excitement and every chance I get I/ we (ty and hanna) go with him hunting! :) 

Having both kids in extracurricular activities as well as mine and travis' life is busy...and it's just going to get busier with another child! haha! but, we are learning to adapt and wouldn't have it any other way! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!