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Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Roadtrip...

This weekend we went to Dallas...but not until travis got out of his company golf tournament where he got second by a score card playoff...oh well...better luck next time, babe! 
We stopped on the way and actually ate "inside" ty's favorite. We wanted to eat somewhere different that Midland does not have, but we settled for Chili's. haha. It actually took a whole lot longer than anticipated but we weren't in a big hurry. Both kids colored a pepper to help raise money and ty was just sure his "beautiful" coloring job would win a prize. haha. 
Hanna still has some work to do! ha. 

We were heading to my Meme's house where she was hosting her 42 club that we got to bust in on her party and eat the delicious dessert spread. yum yum. We picked a great night to stay at meme's. The company was great and the kids entertained the card playing guests.,,but, we all stayed up way too late. Somehow, Ty and Trav ended up in one bedroom and me and hanna slept on a twin and trundle, playing musical beds. :) that was fun!

Meme playing "Cards" with ty and hanna.
of course, we didn't venture far from the dessert table my meme provided.

Saturday morning trav and I got up early and headed to grapevine leaving our darlings with meme...and we went to get a new car...or so we thought..long story was the wrong color and not what we wanted so we left without a car...not a good morning at the time, but like always, it worked out and we have a new car being delivered tomorrow from a different dealership. 
But, we got to spend time with meme and she and the kids got one on one time. We had to head back that afternoon bc we wanted to be back for church on sunday....but we didn't leave before a dance game was is such a great sport! :)

Why did we want to be back on sunday? Well..b/c our little boy got promoted to the preschool area at church and is now in the BIG KID area! TEAR! I am so excited for is he..but, it's kinda surreal at the same time. Where has the 3 1/2 yr's gone? SIGH! 
Hanna stayed in her same we still have one (almost 2) in the jr exlporers still. ! :)

Ty was a champ and just went right in like he'd been there many times before. He has always loved his Bible class and we are told every sunday what a great kid he is and how he always interacts and answers questions. We are always so proud. He is usually in class with a few girls and 1, getting to a group of 3-5 yr olds with more kids will be fun for him. 
They start with songs then break out in their small groups based on ages...where they learn a bible, it's basically what he has been accustomed to but on a larger scale. We just love watching him grow and learn with the Lord. 

Later that day, Grandpa surprised Ty with his first real golf club. We have been talking about it for awhile but...when you mention something to mom-mom or grandpa they usually get it before mom and dad. So...Ty was SUPER EXCITED..and he has been putting all day, everyday, ever since.  he actually has a really great touch and was able to actually play grandpa's putting games. Looks like an indoor putting hole is on our list next.

Thursday we have our meet the teacher at our new MDO location and we are all very excited about it...loved seeing all my friends pictures today of their little ones first day of school and I just can't believe that it will be us next year! ahhhhhhhh! 

My little boy will always be my "Ty baby" even if I'm reminded all day that he is my "big boy."
speaking of my sweet little big boy...
Me having a baby has really set in with him...he is all about it...especially at bedtime when he is trying to prolong bedtime. 
So, he always lifts up my shirt and asks if Claire is awake and puts his hand on my belly...and sure enough Claire always kicks or punches him and it just makes Ty laugh so hard. He thinks that's so cool. 
and it makes my heart smile knowing how much he and hanna love each other and Claire will just add to the love. 

Hanna's bedtime routine makes me laugh....we always read a book or 2 and then she says her prayer, "God, mommy, daddy, ty, daddy, ty, mommy, amen." haha. some of us get prayed for repeatedly..haha.
Then she asks to "sing song" and I start my beautiful singing of Jesus Loves me as Hanna rolls over and pulls her shirt up wanting me to rub her back and then rolls back over and I rub her tummy. haha...

Ty gets 2-3 books and a story (told by daddy) and then I rock him, turn on his music and lamp and I tuck him in saying, "close your eyes, close your ears, close your mouth, tuck your paws in and tweak your nose." It's from a book that Travis' grandmother, nana, use to read her grandkids..and we were given that book when we were pregnant with Ty! and he just loves it. So, that's special. 
Of course he's always up afterwards bc he "has to tell me something" or he needs a "drink" or "poo-poo" or any excuse imaginable to stay awake longer! ha! typical 3 year old. but, he finally gives up and crashes.
He has been doing excellent about staying in his bed all night and not coming into bed with trav and I. If he does I just tell him to go back to his room and he does some times kicking and screaming and others he just says, "ok" and heads back to bed. He has learned that daddy is the heavy sleeper and will try and sneak on his side and crawl into bed...but mommy, the light sleeper, can hear his little pitter-padder foot-steps coming...but, last night while I was dealing with hanna's lack of sleep in her room he snuck in our room...and a couple hours later when I went back to my bed he was sound of course he got to stay! sneaky little fella!

Anyways, sorry to bore you with my kids stories but I had to document them before I forget..which lately my brain is doing as it's just isn't ya go!

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