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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Weekend Getaway...

This past weekend Trav and I took a LONG, overdue, weekend getaway...just the 2 of us...we were thinking back and it has been 3 years ago since we have done a trip, just us, and only our 3rd alone trip in almost 5 years. So, yes, we were a little excited about our trip. Every year, since I seem to be knocked up come anniversary time, our anny trips have been placed on hold...including our upcoming 5th, we decided to just take a little trip to the cabin in Ruidoso for a combined anny trip along with the last relaxing travel before baby Claire comes to play! :) 
We left Friday afternoon...Trav was in a clay shoot and ended up winning a gun (pistol) he was SUPER excited about that..but it pushed back our getaway time...once we finally took off and he was explaining what a great start to the day/weekend it was..."I shot good, I won a gun, it's almost hunting season, your dad got a dove lease"...etc etc... I quickly reminded him..."umm...excuse me, what about your little wife here of almost 5 years...what am I, chopped liver." his response ." oh, ya, but, that's just a given." lol..nice one, Roby! One day, I'll be his main love...until's all about! j/k! love you, trav!  :)

I've said this before, and I'll say it of my favorite things about traveling alone with trav is our car conversations...they can get pretty hilarious. Yes, our topics are usually the same, hunting, stories growing up, dreams, travis' obsession with having a beard...etc.they are just all over the's how one went...
Discussing our deer lease which includes a nice 3/3 ranch house...
T: "I just want a camper, a lawn chair, and a yeti cooler with my feet propped up holding a beer."
L: "well, that doesn't sound redneck at all."
T: "What in that sentence made you think it sounded redneck?"
LOL..and he was actually serious! hahaha....

One thing I do Love about my husband is his simplistic way of life..doesn't require much...just a place to hunt, fish, a pair of undies and shorts and he is golden! ha! 
In fact, he survived one summer at the beach with 2 pairs of shorts, flip flops and his work shirts (was a bus boy at a a restaurant)...oh, and his fishing rod...and he was in heaven!

Anyways, back to Ruidoso...this was my first time ever in 29 years to come by myself..or with my hubby. So, it was nice doing our own thing....which was absolutely nothing. Literally. 

When we got there friday night we stopped at the Wal-Mart for groceries....running shoes for trav (he forgot I said, he's low-maintance..when it comes to clothes)...and the Classic movie, Jeremiah Johnson..which happens to be my dad's favorite movie that we spied right on top in the $5 we grabbed it. Travis can quote just about every movie out there...I can quote 2...Dumb and Dumber and Jeremiah Johnson. IF you have a man who loves the outdoors...give it a try. :) 

Saturday, we woke up to 50 degree weather, and was glorious. Travis loves cooking, he cooked us up some sausage biscuits and we enjoyed the weather and scenery on the porch. Inside, we enjoyed a little fire...i love fires! 

Later we took a walk...walking at the cabin is one of our favorite things to do...the air, the temp, the's just great...Travis has been running a lot lately and is way better shape than I am in...and he could have gone forever..and at a faster pace..but preggo over here..slowed him down. I actually felt we pressed on...all the way up the hill to the old reservation point. I haven't walked that in at least 3-4 years (b/c as you all know, it's all different with kiddos), that was exciting for me...and I knew once I made it to the top I just had to go down..the easier I thought! haha...not so easy when you have a pregnant belly that you have to try and stop before you are rolling down the hill! lol. but we made it...After our 3.5 mile walk...I was sore..for a few days afterwards...and now know when they say "to walk to induce labor" that's the scale they mean...uphill in wonder it never worked for me before...midland's flat roads doesn't quite cut it! haha. 

After a late, scholtsky's lunch (with wifi) we got some hay to entice the Elk to come play more...I so desperately want Trav to see Elk and bears up there...he still hasn't been able to. so, we thought..we would pull all the stops. We brought one of Travis's game cams and tied it to a tree near the hay...and then we waited...and waited...and waited..for 2 elk at all. just some mule deer. but, we both love to watch at least they got to enjoy it.  :) Actually, with all the rain (it rained the whole time we were there) there wasn't much wildlife activity at all. Great they got much needed rain..but sad for us..not getting to see many animals. 
Sunday, we did the same thing, walk (but not near as far), and just relax...just wonderful. 
Monday, we hit the road after lunch...and were welcomed back in midland with the lovely heat..and dry weather! but, it was so nice having a few days of cold weather temp, rain, greenery, and just me and the hubs time. but, we missed our kids dearly and were very ready for them to return. My sister was watching them since thursday we were all ready to see each other...Ty told me over the phone tuesday morning before they left to come back to midland, "Mommy, I dream about you last night.", so sweet! and although hanna's nickname is "hurrican hanna" we were ready to have our sweet little mess back! :) 
Grateful for God's beautiful land, a weekend with the hubs and a cabin in ruidoso to enjoy! :)

Me and the hubs almost 5 years married....2 kids and 27 pregnant with our 3rd!!! WOW! 

The river sat. morning..

 Trav threw deer food out and they finally stuck around. Typically the mule deer are like house pets..and humans don't bother them at all..but these little guys were a lithe more frigidity.

My mom loves the's her favorite spot she is always done there moving rocks and making it flow right and pretty....since she wasn't there, Trav took over her love of the river. He moved rocks, shoveled down little banks of sand..and made the river flow better. What a great son-in-law! :)

See what his handy work and more rain can do??

A pic from the game cam....just a few mule deer.

 Breakfast sat. peaceful. 

With the fire inside, cooler weather and brisket in the crockpot...made us thing it was fall already...we are a little anxious for fall time in our house.

Travis stretching for our big walk..haha...I learned awhile back that Travis' grandparents took a trip to ruidoso one year and stayed at the Noisy Water lodge...which just happens to be right up the road from our, when we passed by there I showed Trav exactly where it was...sentimental memories! :)

and we made it...this use to be home to the Mescalera Apache (the bad guys) they have moved locations...I have a keychain one made for me years of my aunts use to substitute at the reservation....We drive out there occasionally...but, they aren't too fond of white people cruising through their land. When I was little they use to have little indian type shindigs..where they would dress up in all their regalia and do dances...but I haven't seen or heard about that in a very long time. 

Later that day, putting up the game cam...

and dispersing the hay..

playing in the river...moving rocks..

breaking down the sand/rock islands...

The next morning, after the rain stopped, our friends came back...

There were actually several really good lookin bucks...and they are just developing and still in, they'll be good ones in a few years..

People always ask me where to eat in ruidoso.. I usually never know where to tell people b/c we typically just eat at the cabin...but our fav places that we eat at Cafe Rio Pizza and (depending on who you are with...The Buttery).  So, of course, Sunday night we enjoyed our Cafe Rio Pizza. :) 

Sunday night 2 of our shows are on...."Real Housewives and Kardashians." hehe..both such wonderful shows...but we watch! 
They came on later in NM we stayed up extra late to watch...when all of a sudden trav said he had indigestion and I smelt something funny..haha..but it actually wasn't trav..just funny timing of the 2 was a skunk! pew-wee. We closed the windows and continued on with our shows. 
The next morning during our walk we noticed not 1 but 2 trashcans had been knocked over with trash scattered everywhere...indicating a bear had been snooping. After our walk trav went and got the game cam pics and we saw this....

The backside of a bear..and it appears to be a big bear. No, it's not white, just the night cam..but, it was large...wish it would have stayed put a little big longer to get a good pic of it..but it seemed to be on a mission to get somewhere. Although we didn't see one in person, it was still cool to see one on the cam...and according to the game cam it was about the time the skunk smell came to must have just missed it! It's crazy how quite those things are for how big they are! 
There was tons of hay left and my parents are going back in a couple of, we'll see what's left of it or what finds it! :) 

We had such a wonderful, peaceful and relaxing time....just marvelous! 
Now, we are back to reality of life and switched duties with my sister as we now are watching B &S through, it's our crazy world..but we love it! :)

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