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Friday, August 9, 2013

Show and Tell...the letter, "S"...

This week was eventful...not in the chaotic sense...but what we encountered....sister, storms and snakes...
Ty and Hanna went with me to check on their baby sister...they did as well as any 3 and 1 yr old would do. Luckily we had "spinner chairs" and a scale to keep them entertained for a bit. Ty asked a lot of questions from the things he saw...and my response was "those are for mommies." lol...and tried to distract to another topic. haha. Boys will be boys! 
Of course they clung to me when the Dr. came in and sat on the the table with, when Claire's heartbeat was heard they were mesmerized. Such sweet looks when that happened. 
I knew it was just going to be a quick appt..just the routine visit: weight, bp, heartbeat...and on our way. Ty kept saying, "this is taking a long time." (haha..welcome to dr's office ty)...although we were only there a total of 45 min. not too bad. 

 She's up to 25 lb's...go hanna go! haha.

Later that day we were planning on attending our neighborhood party...which included a cookout, kid activities, swimming, and a, kids were suppose to decorate their bikes with their favorite superhero decor...well, my kids were lucky to get the streamers...and ty found stickers as, that was their decor...clearly Hanna wanted them on her. 
Right as we finished decorating we saw clouds building up and heard thunder and we thought, could it possibly rain? I looked at 3 different weather apps and none of them showed, we just figured it was another typical midland fake-out storm.  When it was party time it got SUPER windy and when we arrived at the party it started to, obviously, the parade was cancelled...and Ty was bummed bc "he had the coolest bike." lol. I felt bad for our chefs bc they were trying to grill in the terrible weather and it wasn't working out for them...we did sit outside and watch the rain for a bit but it got to be too much and moved inside...It was fabulous getting rain but of course it had to rain on the one day we had outdoor plans! ha!

WE attempt the grocery store...not even donuts, suckers and my phone keep them entertained..although I do usually get sweet pictures like this...haha...and random isle pics. ha!

Then this happened...I knew it was always a possibility...but it finally unwanted guest slithered into our backyard...UGH! Me and the kids had been outside all morning cleaning up from the storm the night before..and just all the lovely west texas, we had finished that project and headed to the store real fast (see the pic above) came home and hanna had a little poop, as I clean her and it up (half in potty, half on herself/floor) I throw all that stink away in the trashcan I was in and out several times...and each time I would hear a rustle sound but thought nothing of it..with the wind I always kinda hear sounds like that. But on my last trip outside I was just a few steps from the backdoor when I saw/heard the "rustling" sound trying to scurry, I had scared it and it was trying to get away..quickly. Definitely, scared me to death..bc I had no clue at that time what kind of slithering yuckiness it was.  I went inside and gathered my breath and pulse..haha...and pondered whether to show the kids or not...but decided to use it as a learning tool. We always talk about snakes and what to do if you come across one but Ty has never seen on in person (besides the zoo), we watched the snake climb on our backporch furniture, where we learned it wasn't a rattlesnake but just a long, skinny one...haha...maybe a speed snake or something... and then ran to mine and travis' room and watched it roam around the backyard and scan the fence line until it finally found away out...unfortunately, it escaped before Trav could get home...bc yes, I immediately called him and told him...I think that is the only reason why I could get him to leave his hunting shop as quickly as he did....note to self. lol. Once we saw it escape the kids and I got in the car to try and run over it in the alley but we were unsuccessful in the hunt...ha! Ironically, we learned the night before our neighbors 2 doors down saw the same kind of snake the day i am telling myself it's the same snake...but, my eyes are definitely open wide when we go outside! ugh! I've honestly never been phased by snakes (I use to go hunt them growing up..haha) but as you become less naive and add your kids to the mix...things change)..haha.

The next day we tried the outside business again..bc Ty wanted to "go on a walk in his jeep." haha...meaning, mommy you walk and I'll ride. and if you know Ty, you know he only has one speed in his jeep..the fast mode. So, walking I can't keep up...would be a great  working out partner though.haha. 

Love my little cuties and how they love each other. Ty is ultra protective and I know Hanna will love her baby sister..and be a great helper! Of course they have their moments but for the most part are very sweet to each other. 

Later that day, I drove them to Colorado City (half way between midland and abilene) where we always meet at the subway and exchange kids. My sister was kind to watch our kiddos while Trav and I head to spend time in a different part of God's beautiful land...ruidoso. I absolutely love it up there, just total relaxation, smell of pine and little phone/internet it's just perfect. I am hoping we see and Elk and bear for Trav...he has yet to get that experience. We are going to bring one of his game cameras to spot out the Elk if they are playing hard to get....and of course bringing watermelon for the bears. They have apparently had a lot of rain lately and the river is way, I'm hoping that's still the case...I haven't seen that in years. Trav was going to play golf but decided instead to just possible quietness...just the two of us! :) YAY! Speaking of quietness...I drove home in pure quietness..not even the radio..and I just love that. When I got home to trav we just sat and talked for a few hours without any distractions, no kids fighting bedtime, no tv, no nothing...just us gabbing. It was perfection. I love those moments. :)

Later that night I got a text from my sister of our little boy! doesn't matter how hot it is outside...he loves his dino of course he had to pack them, along with 2 hats, his beanie and wanted to take his cowboy boots along with "fast running shoes, flip flops, brown sandals." but I made him leave his boots at home and only choose 2 hats to take (although I think he snuck in 3). haha...he's such a funny boy!

This morning I got to sleep in a bit..and I am sitting at my computer, still unshowered (that's next on my agenda) and contemplating what to do afterwards. I have so many things I would love to do without my kids (like shopping) but sitting around is also nice! haha. but, I love the options I have! hehe!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend..

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