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Friday, August 23, 2013

Precious Moments...

This week has been nothing but crazy, chaotic and busy...I honestly, never thought I would say this, but we are ALL.VERY.READY.FOR."School" to start. Ready for our routine, schedule and I  know Ty is super ready to see his friends! Even though we have been very tired this week since bedtimes have been pushed back greatly from our busy schedule... the park and pool have helped ease a little of the grumpiness! ha! But, through it all, I have managed to find some super sweet, loving, caring times with my babies...

Ty is absolutely LOVING his Martial Arts Class. Last year when he was in gymnastics he was happy about it...but towards the end of the year he was getting pretty bored but..this whole Karate thing is right up his alley and his face lights up every tuesday and thursday...He sits and watches the "big kids" class before him in awe! You have not seen cute until you see all these 3-5yr olds do karate..they are all great and it teaches them so much (discipline, confidence, strength..etc, etc)...I figured if Ty is going to go around the house doing "ninja" moves I might as well get him trained properly! haha. So, it was a great decision and worth every penny! He even earned a stripe last night...when you get 5 you move up a color! So, he was SUPER excited! Yes, I am that mom that takes pictures and videos every class..hehe! 

So, even though our days have been chaotic...when I sit down at 5:00 to watch his just automatically puts a smile on my face and I forget all my worries. Seeing my little boy and how happy he is and how much fun he is such an awesome feeling. I just love him so much! 

Like I have mentioned before...Ty has recently asked to be rocked every night...even though he instructs me how to rock him and for how long..he still insists on, with everything going on..I comply. I always have to tell him to "stop talking or I am not going to rock you." b/c he'll talk your ear off...but the other night I actually let him ask me his questions and tell me his story! 
He sincerely asked me, " mommy, how is Claire going to come out of your belly?" and, since I am having another c-section, I honestly could answer him the correct way and told him how they do c-sections..hehe to all you momma's who get to experience delivery the natural way...I get to avoid that scenario! haha.
After I told him the doctor just pulled him out of my belly he asked how and I mentioned he cut a little on my belly and out comes a baby. He looked at me with very concerned eyes and said, "but mommy, will you be ok? will they put all your belly back in?" After I assured him I would be ok he said, "Ok, good mommy, I was worried they wouldn't do it right." sweet, sweet little boy..always looking out for his mommy! Hope my section goes well bc they'll have the wrath of Ty if not! lol.
Again, it's moments like that, that make time stand still, forget your worries and enjoy the moment. 
He's the sweetest, loving and most grateful little boy whom I love more than he'll ever know! :)

This sunday he gets promoted to the BIG KID bible school class area. I know he will love it as he has always loved all his other Bible school classes but to be in the area where all the big kids go..he'll be excited! 

Hanna...our little Hurricane just a mess...but we love her dearly! She has learned to open the doors... so the baby door guards have been placed on her door knobs or she's out of her room instantly ....and to also prevent her from locking the doors...which has become one of her favorite things to do. 
As she currently brings me a package of crackers I am reminded that she loves her crackers, fruit, cereal and fruit snacks. Those seem to be her food pyramid. ha! 
I'm excited for her to start gymnastics in a few weeks...she's been so patient with all ty's fun activities (and this year she's all ready picked up karate techniques)... so, we are ready for it to be her turn to play. however, she is definitely Ty's cutest cheerleader. She has always cheered for gymnastics, swim lessons, in the backyard playing every sport and now karate...she cheers and claps so loudly and says, "Go, Ty, Go." She is such a proud little sister...and refers to him as "Ty Roby" lol.
She still likes to be carried everywhere but I am hoping MDO will help with that! 
I have already started thinking how hard it's going to be for me and my babies after the section...since they both love to be held. It's the hardest thing not being able to! but, I guess we'll cross that bridge when it gets here! ;). she doesn't share her mommy well at all with others..not even daddy! so, although we laugh about her hangup with sharing...travis loves to antagonize her about it! which obviously really helps the
She has the biggest smile and typically loves the camera. She makes everything her purse, necklace or any other form of jewelry..and loves to put on lotion and lipstick..and wants to wash her hands 24/7.  She also loves all babies..real or fake and always wants to hold them. She makes us laugh constantly with her funny antics...and her current favorite song is "Here we go lubey-lou"  she could do that for hours it seems. She still has yet to watch a cartoon but when football is on she will watch that! so, yay for football starting! :) ha! Love that little girl..she sure does know how to make you smile! :)

Baby #3, Claire, is just growing..I least it definitely feels that way...she is just as active as her siblings.  With only 10 weeks to go...she'll be here before we know it! Can't wait to meet her! :)

Love my babies to the moon and back...and I treasure every moment we have together...even if it is crazy! 

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