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Thursday, August 29, 2013

New School...

This morning was Meet the Teacher at the kids new school and will start next tuesday...bright and early at our mornings are about to change...haha.
When you mention the word, "School" to either kid they get very excited. In fact, this morning I didn't even have to tell Ty to get ready (since he insists on dressing himself..without help)..he told me, "mommy, we are going to my new school today....I'm going to go get dressed." Go for it, Ty! He was also up at the crack of dawn this morning at 5 ready to rock and, he must have been anxious and ready.
So, he sure enough went and got his clothes and socks and shoes on all by himself and was ready to 7:30! lol.

Hanna, still prefers to be naked and dressing her is a lot more challenging...but, she finally chose an outfit and let me (with a straight jacket attached..only kidding) put it on her. 

I could not drive there fast enough as Ty was super excited. We got there and he could not wait to see who his new teachers were...but first everyone meet in the chapel for a brief welcoming followed by an introduction of each teacher (not sure any parent got anything out of that considering all kids were 4 and under..haha)..but, the whole time Ty kept asking which ones were his teachers..and with everything else going on (aka Hanna)...I wasn't even able to catch which ones were his...haha..oops! but, after that we headed to their classrooms...

Hanna's room was first and she was a little shy at first but warmed up nicely. Plus, she found the box of dolls and wanted to take all of them home. 
Her teachers were great and we are excited about them...and the kids we meet (all boys) seemed very nice as well. I was most excited about the fact that all in her class have the same birthday months..or close to it. With Hanna being a late Oct. Baby she will always be the oldest...which is nice in school age but with MDO and church she always ends up being the oldest by 1 year...So, it was nice seeing them all in the same couple of months (oct, nov and a few dec). 
Plus, I heard they are great with potty training as I wonder how she will do with so many distractions...but, great to hear they take them frequently.. 

So, we left her class and headed down the hall to Ty's.

Ty already knows 2 kids in his class so that is wonderful...and there was pretty much all boys and 1 the time we were, he was excited about that...and the tools they were playing with..haha. Of course, nobody wanted to leave. 
His teachers were also great and we are excited about them. They seem very nurturing and we again, are excited.

When we leave we have to bypass the awesome play area thats inside..which I was told is a challenge getting the kids to leave..and I witnessed that neither my kids nor others wanted to leave.  but, after 3 attempts we finally made it out. haha..
So, we are all very excited for next tuesday as the kids start their new school and a new school year! yay!

On another note.. I am officially a mom of multiple kids...I 'd say a carpool mom, but those days are hard to do now (with the carseat laws)..ha!
but, we traded in my tahoe that I have had for 6 years now and got a mom-mobile..Expedition EL.
so, we are officially a Ford driving travis has an F-150. 
It's going to take some time getting use to driving a Ford...after driving a chevy and growing up in a chevy family (but, my parents have also converted to Ford's..haha). So, we have more room for all our family now! :) as ty pointed out to me this morning.."when we have claire there will be 5." :)

We are breaking in the new vehicle as we have a roadtrip coming up...:)
Hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend!

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