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Monday, August 5, 2013

Fast and Furious...

Once again, we had a fun-filled weekend. With my sister, B and S in town our days just fly by....The Rockhounds game was a success wednesday night and Thursday morning all the kids LOVED the gymnastics place...and we mom's enjoyed visiting. 
Thursday night we had a great night with friends..funny how not too long ago we were all kidless and now we all have kiddos..guess we are just getting old..haha. Fun seeing our kids grow up together. 
Friday we left early for our weekend shopping trip. This year to Lubbock. Actually, our shopping trips originated in lbk when I was very little and my Gram was still living. My Gram, my 3 aunts and all my cousins would load up and head to lubbock. That as before all the carseat rules and my great aunt had a station wagon that the very back seat faced we always fought over which 3 got to ride That's also when the kids Dillard's was the full upstairs and Malouf's had the best kid toys to play with while the momma's shopped. Things have changed since then...haha. Dillard's only has a small section of little boy/girl clothes and BC store has taken over the cool kid toys while the mom's shop...I mean, they have a small daycare there..I was tempted to just walk out and let the kids play while we went down the way to other stores. haha! We also stayed at the hotel we always stayed at...although it's renamed from Barcelona Suites to the Embassy Suites everything seemed to be the same. :) Great times had there yearly growing up. But, we survived the trip and said next year we might just have to stay in midland and let the dads and grandpa watch the kids. which wouldn't be terrible since Midland is gaining a ton of new stores (and have yall midlanders noticed Jared's is coming in the mall parking lot?) I happen to think that is very random..of all things to put there! Anyways, with midlands large growth..we are also getting more, staying here isn't a terrible thing!  ha! :) 
Sunday after church we had a lovely family day(trav went to the deer lease saturday..he's sooo super anxious for hunting season to begin) and we tried to beat the heat with frozen yogurt...we are so ready for fall in our household..for various reasons...but cooler temps being one. 
Tonight daddy showed up from work with a gift for Ty from his friend, chris. Ty absolutely loved it and he and travis shot at the target for a couple of hours. He did excellent. Travis was so proud! The kids usually get bathed together but since ty was in the zone shooting his bow hanna got one on one bathtime...she has always loved bath time and it's probably her happiest time of the day! so, i typically let her play and be merry for awhile...tonight was no exception. I also got a chance to play with my "machine" as ty calls it and practice on my's addicting and I love it. I can't believe I waited so long to bust it out! 
Tomorrow I go to the Dr...with both my kiddos...which should be interesting...we,  I can't wait for MDO to begin..haha.  But, hopefully the bribery of donuts in the morning will help...bribery is the oldest yet best trick in the book! hehe.

Rockhounds game...They all loved the game but Brady was the only one who would shake Rocky or Juice the Moose's hand...Ty always says he will but backs out last minute. Sophi has never cared for anything in a costume...and let us know again she wasn't a fan..which then lead to Hanna crying. so, Rocky left. lol.

Heading into the gymnastics building...They all know the rule of holding hands while in the parking lot and all try to be the "mommy" and take charge. This time they got their appropriate spots according to time we'll have to teach them  "so long, fare well." 

All loved the gym...

My sweet,sweet boy who wants to be held all the time but corrects me when I call him "ty baby." "Mommy, I am not a baby, I'm a big boy." hmm..

Watching the fountains in the lbk, so sad to not see Gap! i mean, what were they thinking. 
The worst part about having 4 potty trained kids shopping is they never can seem to coordinate their potty trips...i was about to bring our travel potty inside the mall and carry it around with us. lol.

sweet night-night kisses. 

sunday froyo date..

Hanna was tired of daddy eating all theirs and found her another table..haha.

then they decided they were already at the JH age when it's soo not cool to sit with your parents. 

monday night we didn't have life, we just hung out...watching Ty shoot his bow and hanna had a nice long relaxing bath. I mistakenly bought bedtime, calming lotion at the store today but thought, I'd put some on hanna to see if it "calmed" her...well, as she is screaming and kicking her door right now, I would say, nope! lol 

SO, extremely BLESSED! 

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