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Friday, August 16, 2013

Cousin Time...

A week in cousin life...

Ty and brady tested out Karate that Ty will soon start...our little ninja is in heaven...
Hanna's signed up for gymnastics with her BFF, HJB!

park date with friends on our cool and rainy day...perfect weather for 1 1/2 at the park.

hanna lovin on Sutton (aka "su-son")..who makes her look porcelain pale..and she's really not..he's just super dark, like his momma!  :)

our little monkey.

Ty playing, "hunting" again...and attempted to show Brady how to shoot his bow and arrow...that was pretty comical! 

Hanna fixed her own hair...

fudgesicles outside..their choice of seat was Ty's jeep.

thankful sweet..and yes, they each HAVE TO have a turn at praying! but, they are all very sweet prayers.

While the oldest 3 watched bubble guppies in our room...hanna only wanted to watch "bo0-ball." Hey, if that's all I can get her to watch, I'm ok with that...wish I would have thought of that sooner. She would get so frustrated at the commercials and when travis would act like he was going to change the channel she'd say, "no daddy," haha! Maybe she will do great at the Tech games after all! :)

Hanna's quiet time...not sure I'll ever share her secret again bc it backfired on me and and she and sophi were up all night! 

but, before Hanna's nightowl came out...Brady requested a new room bc "Ty won't stop talking to me."lol...(brady usually sleeps on the trundle in ty's room...but they typically get separated bc of this issue)...So, Brady snuck in bed with hanna..since at that time she was asleep at her door...naked! I put her pull-up back on her and was going to get her jammies back on but she was so out I just covered her up...but, it was a sweet cousin moment while it lasted..bc she ended up in our bed. ha!

Travis took the boys to the deer lease to "help" I can only imagine how that really goes..but, Ty won't let trav go without him and brady was excited bc "I've never been there before." So, it's just me and the girls..The one positive about staying up all night is they both actually went down for a nap easily and napped almost 2 hours...I'll take it. :)

We are grateful they are close in age to each they have a great time together...and I have to soak in the moments now as the boys reach school age soon...and I guarantee their mom-mom won't let them skip least she never let us! haha! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend..I think we'll go bake something! :) hehe! 

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  1. I can't quit laughing about "she was asleep at her door...naked!" Haha, so funny!!!