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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Week long fun...

This week has been so wonderful...we have had no plans and it has been great! now that music class is over and no travel plans,...we have had no place to be..and it has been great!  Hanna kinda took a turn in her potty training since we were traveling and such so, that caused a lot of frustration for me...but now that we have been home...she is back on track! yay! phew!
monday night we had our last lifegroup meeting for a few weeks until summer ends...and of course, the night all 16 kids show up our babysitter was MIA or something so...travis and I volunteered to watch them along with 2 other dads...luckily the lesson was short! haha.

soem things never change...why do kids always do this...haha.

Tuesday we met some girls for lunch at McAlisters and my kids did pretty, that was nice. and since we didn't leave there until after 1..we decided to go check our their new school.  Since their current MDO program was going to close but at the last minute re-opened...I had already registered Ty at a different location but Hanna was on the wait list...along with 3 other places. So, since our current location is now staying open Hanna was enrolled there and Ty elsewhere...but, I kept praying and hoping something would open up and they would be together! And, last week I got a call saying siblings my kids age were moving so my kids would have a spot. I was so excited. So, I jumped on the opporuntity..bc in mildand, if you snooze you lose! 
We went to fill our our paperwork and such...and the kids just loved it. It is so welcoming and kid friendly has so many play areas (where they played while I filled out paperwork) and they have an awesome outdoor playground area that Ty just fell in love with and wanted soooo badly to play on immediately! Their classes will be right down the hall from each other and they offer so many more parent involvment opportunites..(christmas programs, muffins wtih moms, donuts with dads, easter hunts, thanksgiving meals...etc etc) I'm very excited about that. They also do the drop off service in the morning where the teachers come get your kids from the car and take them to class and in the afternoons we parents go pick them up from, the morning drop off will be super handy especially when the baby comes! :)
The location is also great as it's right by Travis' office and literally right next door to my mom's if ever an emergency (which hopefuly there won't be) somebody could just run over! 
After seeing the facility and seeing how excited my kids were...and the fact they will be together...made my day. I was so happy! As a parent you want the best for your kid(s) and this just seemed right to me! :) 

Wednesdsay we met some friends at the pool...first time at our clubhouse pool in a long, that was fun! We actually went back today as well...

Our nights have been beautiful we cheered for Ty in his "golf tournament" and Hanna helped herself (clothes and all) into the little pool. 
Yes, she is wearing my Tiffany's necklace,(the first jewelry travis ever gave gift when we were dating...thanks to his sister;s help..haha). that needs a desperate polish. Every morning she plays in my lotion, makeup and jewelry...pouring our pulling everythign out...and this day she chose to keep this necklace on and wore it all day! She does love her jewlery. 

Since it was so nice outside we took a family ride on the mule around our neighborhood. We live right next to the polo fields so our kids love going to see the horses, 

Tomorrow we finally have a dr appt for our little baby....we'll get another sono and hopefully this time be able to see our little baby girl! :) This weekend we are just relaxing and hanging out..those are the best! :) I can't believe July is almost!

"This is the day the Lord has made...I will rejoice and be glad in Him." 


  1. Where are they going to school? The pictures look fun!!

  2. They are now going to First United Methodist. :)