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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lamp Shade makeover...

Lamps are a very hard item for me to with our limited market here and me not wanting to pay super high prices for a lamp..I decided to makeover our current lamp shades myself...with the help of the cutest 3 year old assistant ever. :) 

Our walls are a neutral color, and we have a lot of brown/neutral tones in the, I wanted to find something that would stand out from the wall and help add a little pizazz to the room...of course, what pattern do I go with...a leopard! Travis was (sarcastically) shocked...haha! 

I actually found indoor/outdoor fabric that is lightweight yet thick..if that makes any sense. so, it was, it was half off at Hancock (where I got to go all by myself sunday)..hehe.

My lampshades are the Bell type it made it a little tricky..but we won in the end. 
I made a pattern of a side and traced it out...making 4 panels per shade. 
my assistant helped cut up un-used pieces...bc he "learned how to cute with play-doh scissors at school." lol.

I got my all time favorite tool glue gun...and glued the fabric pieces to the lamp shade. You could also sew the seems together..but lets get sewing machine hasn't been used.

Once that was done I cut out another pattern for the side pieces...and glued them on...

Went to hobby on monday and got the trim...hancock didn't have the best selection..
I used black decorative trim and red, tasseled ( i do love tassels) for the bottom...

My assistant helped me insert the glue sticks.

and we glued on the trim until it was finished...

ta-da..there she sits...much better and a little more lively!

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