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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Busy Summer...

This is the first summer the kids haven't been in MDO for at least 1 day a week. I was a little nervous at first when the summer program wasn't an option...bc how was  I going to keep them occupied, grocery shop, etc..haha. But, we have been so busy I haven't even noticed..and it has been nice being with them everyday. I treasure every moment with them bc I already cry when thinking ty will probably start pre-k next fall...aaahhhhh! and yes, travis makes fun of me. I tell him it's normal to cry (I was a basket case after dropping ty off at MDO for the first time at 7 months)..but he insists it's not normal 2 years in advance. lol! 
Anyways, we have been a traveling crew but when we are home here's what we do....
Monday nights we have our lifegroup from church...tuesdays, we girls from our group have lunch (with our kids)..the guys do thursdays...of course with out kids..haha.. 
the rest of the days we play...

Bike rides..Ty loves to ride his bike and hanna always tries on ty's old trike...but, i got tired of bending down to push she got a bike (even a pink one) that has a saver...just wish she would stay on it longer! haha. I see a momma bike with bike wagon carrier thing in the future...ha! Watch out Woodland Park..the Roby train will be coming through! ha.
This is typically what happens on our bike rides...ty takes over hanna's and hanna wants ty's! or i end up pushing both while the kids run in front of me...luckily, daddy was with us on this adventure...bc it does get tiring...our bike rides that are suppose to last a little while..end up an hour long! ha.

we do yard work....don't we have the cutest yard boy! never too early to start.

we give breathing treatments in the middle of the nights. (to both kids).

We go to Musikgarten (learning through music) every tuesday's more of a workout for me and hanna doesn't always participate..but Ty loves it! (we were the first ones there this day....for the record).

Ty doing the "jack jumps over the candle stick part"...

we go to the library..this day was suppose to have "lots and lots of dinosaurs"...well, there was lots and lots of somethings (kids) but not dinosaurs...oh well...the kids enjoyed it and it was indoors! 

In the hot air balloon. They also had popcorn for the dinosaur day...terrible idea! haha..those poor cleaning people must have loved it too...there was popcorn EVERYWHERE! 

Sophi loved the lights...and it kept them occupied as we waited in line for the games.

game time...

There was sooo many kids that showed up instead of handing out candy for each game (since they ran out) ... we were close to last..the kids got free kid meal hamburgers from whataburger!! hey, saved the best for last. haha.

We go to church....this day was the last day of our VBS and they had a small petting zoo...rabbits, pigs, pony and goat...

We take care of boo-boo's. Sophi is a walking boo-boo...this time she hit her head on our hearth. ouch! bless her heart! 

we try to stay cool in the pool. WE love going to my parents pool bc mom always keeps in like 90 degrees...feels great! whereas our neighborhood pool is in the freezing temps! haha.

Mom-mom and her 2 girl waterbugs...

Hanna usually gets out for a snack..or towel..haha.

Boys get haircuts...

More house work...our ground had built up too much preventing our gate from handy dandy, Daddy...sawed off the bottom a little it's perfect. Yay daddy. and of course his assistant ty helped.

This picture just cracks me up...this is sophi in a nutshell...a mess! haha.

We watch the web cam at the houston zoo.

and watch movies in jammies...

go on an afternoon strolls...

made the boys buckle up when the girls took over..haha.

Go to lowes and sonic for an outing...they all got "sparkles" as ty calls them..aka sprite.

we have chicken fried venison and mashed potatoes in honor of Paula her situation not ridiculous! We still love her! 

We battle this one....apparently her molars are giving her havoc....and therefore, giving us havoc...she doesn't eat, sleep or walk! ha. but, we still love her to death.

we eat a dozen donuts...

water my moms flowers while my parents are out of town....which takes us a good 30 minutes..she has wwayyy too many.

we buy more baby dolls and ninja turtles...hanna actually takes this doll everywhere. we are trying to prepare her for a real baby...we are all a little nervous how she is going to respond..she doesn't share her mommy well.

And that is how we spend our days....and why I love bedtime! haha.

Hope everyone has a great 4th of July!

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  1. Wow...that wore me out just reading it ;) you're a fun mommy!