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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bare Room...

Ty is a never know what he is going to say. He is super absorbent and's just full of new phrases all the time...which makes us laugh. 

In his nursery when he was just a wee-little baby...he had a stuffed deer head on his wall. He lived in that room for about 16-18M until we moved...the deer went into storage for 6 months while we stayed at my parents but made it's grand entrance back into his room around his 2nd birthday. 
Several months into his stay in his new room he all of a sudden wanted his deer head out. He was adamant about it. I would even try to sneak it back on the wall without him seeing...and later I would be asked to take it down again., mr. deer head lives in his closet now! 

Ty has always been a fan of mickey mouse and has collected all the mickey mouse clubhouse friends...they all reside on his bed...even minnie who he jacked from hanna. Well, I think it was before our trip to disneyworld over christmas, Ty again, all of a sudden, didn't like Goofy. One night we heard Ty's bedroom door open and right before we were about to tell him to get back in bed we hear his door close. I got up to see what the deal was...and he had thrown Goofy out of his room into the hallway. lol. and now he resides in his closet! hahahaha. 
He's so funny...and random!

Today as we are battling nap time...he came and asked me to "take down the scary picture."  I asked what picture..and he said, "the one of raider red." haha.
So, like all the other objects...I will sneak this picture back on his dresser when he's not looking and hopefully he won't notice...but, we shall see! haha. 

It's so hard to decorate and do things to his room when he is constantly changing his mind....hmmm..not sure where he gets that little trait from!!!??? soon his room will be bare! ha.

He's such a funny and entertaining little boy! This morning they rode their bike to the playground where we played "hide and seek- peek a boo" (i'm sure a ty original) and Pirates! 
I have forgotten how to play dolls and dress up..since i've been consumed with all things boy...but, I am  pulling out the girl files again as Hanna has become into her baby dolls...but loves playing ninja's and collecting rocks too! 

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