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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Baby #3 update...

At our appt on monday, it was confirmed our little baby is still a girl!!! YAY!!!...of course, my placenta was still in the way and she was still comfy as can be cuddled up next to we weren't able to see her face very well..but we did get a little glimpse of our little girl...

She was either waving hi or being shy and telling us to stop taking pictures of her..either way...we had a great view of her hand..haha. Hi Claire...

Her little profile...

and her's her little legs and girl parts confirming she is still indeed a girl! lol! 

That was just a sono appt so I go back tuesday for a regular appt.

So, yes, we have finally named her...Claire Elizabeth. 
We just liked the name Claire which also means, "leader, bright, famous" so..we have high hopes for this one..haha.. no pressure little girl. 
Elizabeth came from my middle name, Beth, which my Gram (my mom's mother) called me. She never once called me Lindsey...always, Beth. I didn't particularly care for it then but after she passed away in 1996 in my 6th grade year, the name Beth was always special to me. I still don't care for the name Beth...but when you add other letters to the name I like it..haha! So, that's how we came up with Elizabeth. 

I'm just trucking along at 25 weeks....wish I had a cool food craving or aversion...but i don't...ha. It's all just hit or miss these days...but I still manage to get food down...some days it's not difficult at all! haha.

While we wait for her big debut.which will hopefully be nov 4 or 5th...I continue to play all sports with Ty, and hunting..all day, everyday. Luckily, Hanna is pretty much good with anything as long as she's attached to my hip. ha!

They are both super, super clingy and wanting to be held all the time...which is normal for hanna but not Ty. I try to single Ty out and give him undivided help fact, the kid has never, ever been a rocker...when he was little if I tried to rock him to sleep he thought it was still play, we just had to lay him down and walk out...been that way ever since. Until recently when he asks me nightly to come rock, we sit in his little anywhere chair in his room and I rock him for just a few minutes and then put him in his bed. He even requested Hanna's rocking chair be brought into his He's never been this way I just hope we are giving him all the attention he needs...hopefully starting school in a month will help them both! I sure pray so! 

Today my sister and her kids are headed to town and we are going, with our church, to the Rockhounds game...Thursday morning we have a playdate with little ones from church..and friday we are all (girls and kids) headed to lubbock for some shopping...wish us luck! lol.

The following week...Travis and I are going to spend the weekend at the cabin in Ruidoso..and we(mainly I) can't wait! It's our early anniversary trip and last trip kid less before Claire gets here! CAN.NOT.WAIT! 


  1. I love the name Claire. Such a beautiful classic, and paired with Elizabeth it is even more gorgeous.

  2. Aww..thanks, Laine. You are looking jealous! Have yall named your little bundle yet? I love reading your blog and seeing all your pictures of your gorgeous views....if you didn't know I live vicariously through all your journey's...what an incredible experience.