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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Baby #3 update...

At our appt on monday, it was confirmed our little baby is still a girl!!! YAY!!!...of course, my placenta was still in the way and she was still comfy as can be cuddled up next to we weren't able to see her face very well..but we did get a little glimpse of our little girl...

She was either waving hi or being shy and telling us to stop taking pictures of her..either way...we had a great view of her hand..haha. Hi Claire...

Her little profile...

and her's her little legs and girl parts confirming she is still indeed a girl! lol! 

That was just a sono appt so I go back tuesday for a regular appt.

So, yes, we have finally named her...Claire Elizabeth. 
We just liked the name Claire which also means, "leader, bright, famous" so..we have high hopes for this one..haha.. no pressure little girl. 
Elizabeth came from my middle name, Beth, which my Gram (my mom's mother) called me. She never once called me Lindsey...always, Beth. I didn't particularly care for it then but after she passed away in 1996 in my 6th grade year, the name Beth was always special to me. I still don't care for the name Beth...but when you add other letters to the name I like it..haha! So, that's how we came up with Elizabeth. 

I'm just trucking along at 25 weeks....wish I had a cool food craving or aversion...but i don't...ha. It's all just hit or miss these days...but I still manage to get food down...some days it's not difficult at all! haha.

While we wait for her big debut.which will hopefully be nov 4 or 5th...I continue to play all sports with Ty, and hunting..all day, everyday. Luckily, Hanna is pretty much good with anything as long as she's attached to my hip. ha!

They are both super, super clingy and wanting to be held all the time...which is normal for hanna but not Ty. I try to single Ty out and give him undivided help fact, the kid has never, ever been a rocker...when he was little if I tried to rock him to sleep he thought it was still play, we just had to lay him down and walk out...been that way ever since. Until recently when he asks me nightly to come rock, we sit in his little anywhere chair in his room and I rock him for just a few minutes and then put him in his bed. He even requested Hanna's rocking chair be brought into his He's never been this way I just hope we are giving him all the attention he needs...hopefully starting school in a month will help them both! I sure pray so! 

Today my sister and her kids are headed to town and we are going, with our church, to the Rockhounds game...Thursday morning we have a playdate with little ones from church..and friday we are all (girls and kids) headed to lubbock for some shopping...wish us luck! lol.

The following week...Travis and I are going to spend the weekend at the cabin in Ruidoso..and we(mainly I) can't wait! It's our early anniversary trip and last trip kid less before Claire gets here! CAN.NOT.WAIT! 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Week long fun...

This week has been so wonderful...we have had no plans and it has been great! now that music class is over and no travel plans,...we have had no place to be..and it has been great!  Hanna kinda took a turn in her potty training since we were traveling and such so, that caused a lot of frustration for me...but now that we have been home...she is back on track! yay! phew!
monday night we had our last lifegroup meeting for a few weeks until summer ends...and of course, the night all 16 kids show up our babysitter was MIA or something so...travis and I volunteered to watch them along with 2 other dads...luckily the lesson was short! haha.

soem things never change...why do kids always do this...haha.

Tuesday we met some girls for lunch at McAlisters and my kids did pretty, that was nice. and since we didn't leave there until after 1..we decided to go check our their new school.  Since their current MDO program was going to close but at the last minute re-opened...I had already registered Ty at a different location but Hanna was on the wait list...along with 3 other places. So, since our current location is now staying open Hanna was enrolled there and Ty elsewhere...but, I kept praying and hoping something would open up and they would be together! And, last week I got a call saying siblings my kids age were moving so my kids would have a spot. I was so excited. So, I jumped on the opporuntity..bc in mildand, if you snooze you lose! 
We went to fill our our paperwork and such...and the kids just loved it. It is so welcoming and kid friendly has so many play areas (where they played while I filled out paperwork) and they have an awesome outdoor playground area that Ty just fell in love with and wanted soooo badly to play on immediately! Their classes will be right down the hall from each other and they offer so many more parent involvment opportunites..(christmas programs, muffins wtih moms, donuts with dads, easter hunts, thanksgiving meals...etc etc) I'm very excited about that. They also do the drop off service in the morning where the teachers come get your kids from the car and take them to class and in the afternoons we parents go pick them up from, the morning drop off will be super handy especially when the baby comes! :)
The location is also great as it's right by Travis' office and literally right next door to my mom's if ever an emergency (which hopefuly there won't be) somebody could just run over! 
After seeing the facility and seeing how excited my kids were...and the fact they will be together...made my day. I was so happy! As a parent you want the best for your kid(s) and this just seemed right to me! :) 

Wednesdsay we met some friends at the pool...first time at our clubhouse pool in a long, that was fun! We actually went back today as well...

Our nights have been beautiful we cheered for Ty in his "golf tournament" and Hanna helped herself (clothes and all) into the little pool. 
Yes, she is wearing my Tiffany's necklace,(the first jewelry travis ever gave gift when we were dating...thanks to his sister;s help..haha). that needs a desperate polish. Every morning she plays in my lotion, makeup and jewelry...pouring our pulling everythign out...and this day she chose to keep this necklace on and wore it all day! She does love her jewlery. 

Since it was so nice outside we took a family ride on the mule around our neighborhood. We live right next to the polo fields so our kids love going to see the horses, 

Tomorrow we finally have a dr appt for our little baby....we'll get another sono and hopefully this time be able to see our little baby girl! :) This weekend we are just relaxing and hanging out..those are the best! :) I can't believe July is almost!

"This is the day the Lord has made...I will rejoice and be glad in Him." 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Baby #3 update...

Today I am 24 weeks and baby girl is the size of an ear of corn...8.5in long and weighing in at 1.5lb. 
Her lungs are still developing but getting closer to maturation..however, her nostrils are opening so she can breathe in that wonderful amniotic fluid. Hang in there little girl...breathing gets better once you are out! 

                                                   The Magic Corn Trick - This is AWESOME! The corn slides right out. No dealing with husking, silky, stringy messes. Learn how.

She is an active little thing...guess she's curious what's going on out there in the'll find out soon the meantime..enjoy your little home for a few more months! 
We go back for a Dr. appt friday, and another sonogram, so hopefully things are still the same and we can finally name her! ;) got to get the monogram ball rolling. hehe.

This past weekend I was planning on going to the lake with some girls from church but my lack of going to the dr for a bloodshot eye turned into an infection that took a toll on my, I had to stay put.  I was so bummed. But, since my In-laws were coming in I got help with the that was nice. 
Saturday, Trav, Trae and my dad played golf and later that morning,  I snuck away while Gamy played football with the kids. I met my mom to do some shopping, since like I said, my belly is getting much larger, I needed new clothes. :) We had such a wonderful time shopping without interruptions or hurrying..we even got to enjoy a nice quiet was great. I don't remember the last time it was just a mom-daughter was very nice!
I got back to the house at the same exact time the boys did to find Ty, all suited up for a red raider football game, Hanna putting on her makeup and Gamy defending Ty out in the front yard...Ty very much enjoys his new Tech fball gear and wore his little self out playing so much football..but we learned his favorite part of the whole fball process is the introduction part. He would get announced and would run out so proudly....haha! makes me anxious for little GMFL football. haha.
We went to outback that night for an early supper..and just beat the crowd, phew! and our service was the best we have had in a very long time. We were out of there in a little over an was actually a pleasant time. Afterwards, Gamy and Granddaddy took Ty and Hanna for some frozen yogurt and Trav and I went home (had to take 2 cars)...
Sunday after church we just played and hung out until about 5:45 when it was time to take G & G to the airport! 
Kids were so worn out they went down for a nap at 11:30 today without any major fits....think that means they had a full-fun weekend!   
We also enjoyed cooler weather and rain everyday last week but we are back to the usual heat this week...but, grateful for the change of weather..and makes me so ready for fall! :) until then...we will enjoy our last month of  summer time before school starts again! :) 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lamp Shade makeover...

Lamps are a very hard item for me to with our limited market here and me not wanting to pay super high prices for a lamp..I decided to makeover our current lamp shades myself...with the help of the cutest 3 year old assistant ever. :) 

Our walls are a neutral color, and we have a lot of brown/neutral tones in the, I wanted to find something that would stand out from the wall and help add a little pizazz to the room...of course, what pattern do I go with...a leopard! Travis was (sarcastically) shocked...haha! 

I actually found indoor/outdoor fabric that is lightweight yet thick..if that makes any sense. so, it was, it was half off at Hancock (where I got to go all by myself sunday)..hehe.

My lampshades are the Bell type it made it a little tricky..but we won in the end. 
I made a pattern of a side and traced it out...making 4 panels per shade. 
my assistant helped cut up un-used pieces...bc he "learned how to cute with play-doh scissors at school." lol.

I got my all time favorite tool glue gun...and glued the fabric pieces to the lamp shade. You could also sew the seems together..but lets get sewing machine hasn't been used.

Once that was done I cut out another pattern for the side pieces...and glued them on...

Went to hobby on monday and got the trim...hancock didn't have the best selection..
I used black decorative trim and red, tasseled ( i do love tassels) for the bottom...

My assistant helped me insert the glue sticks.

and we glued on the trim until it was finished...

ta-da..there she sits...much better and a little more lively!

Monday, July 15, 2013

23 weeks...

Today I am 23 weeks and 1 day! 
baby girl is the size a papaya (according to What To Expect) and is 8 in and 1.2 lb.

She can now hear all the chaos that goes on in our daily lives....haha...and we can't wait for her to join us in our little adventure of life! :) 
She is definitely going to have the best big brother ever...Ty is such a great big brother to Hanna and is already preparing to keep his superlative for another little sister. 
Although Hanna doesn't like me to hold or hug anybody else...her maternal skills have come out with her baby dolls and she will be the best little helper....maybe too good at times. haha. 

We have yet to decide a name for our little baby girl but we have narrowed it down to, surely soon we can figure it out. We have another sono appt next week..and we are hoping they confirm it's still a, after that appt hopefully we can come out with a name! :) 

In the meantime, her Mom-Mom has already begun the shopping process...and picked up baby girl some cute new outfits..along with some diapers and medicine..haha. :)

Today in midland it's 68 degrees and and's wonderful! The best thing about rain is...1) obviously, we need the rain desperately...and 2) it makes everyone in midland stay inside....soo....we went to several stores this morning with little cars on the road and virtually nobody in the stores! nice change of pace for once! haha.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bare Room...

Ty is a never know what he is going to say. He is super absorbent and's just full of new phrases all the time...which makes us laugh. 

In his nursery when he was just a wee-little baby...he had a stuffed deer head on his wall. He lived in that room for about 16-18M until we moved...the deer went into storage for 6 months while we stayed at my parents but made it's grand entrance back into his room around his 2nd birthday. 
Several months into his stay in his new room he all of a sudden wanted his deer head out. He was adamant about it. I would even try to sneak it back on the wall without him seeing...and later I would be asked to take it down again., mr. deer head lives in his closet now! 

Ty has always been a fan of mickey mouse and has collected all the mickey mouse clubhouse friends...they all reside on his bed...even minnie who he jacked from hanna. Well, I think it was before our trip to disneyworld over christmas, Ty again, all of a sudden, didn't like Goofy. One night we heard Ty's bedroom door open and right before we were about to tell him to get back in bed we hear his door close. I got up to see what the deal was...and he had thrown Goofy out of his room into the hallway. lol. and now he resides in his closet! hahahaha. 
He's so funny...and random!

Today as we are battling nap time...he came and asked me to "take down the scary picture."  I asked what picture..and he said, "the one of raider red." haha.
So, like all the other objects...I will sneak this picture back on his dresser when he's not looking and hopefully he won't notice...but, we shall see! haha. 

It's so hard to decorate and do things to his room when he is constantly changing his mind....hmmm..not sure where he gets that little trait from!!!??? soon his room will be bare! ha.

He's such a funny and entertaining little boy! This morning they rode their bike to the playground where we played "hide and seek- peek a boo" (i'm sure a ty original) and Pirates! 
I have forgotten how to play dolls and dress up..since i've been consumed with all things boy...but, I am  pulling out the girl files again as Hanna has become into her baby dolls...but loves playing ninja's and collecting rocks too! 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th of July Weekend...

Wednesday morning we loaded up and headed to San Antonio for a long weekend get away with the Roby's at the JW Marriott Hill Country. We went last year for the first time and loved, back we went..except this time we added a child (addison. 10M...ash was just 7.5 M preggars last year) and another belly (baby girl in my belly 5.5M) much can change in a year. :)

All the kids love the water so it was fun seeing them having such a great time...some of the best parts of being a parent is just watching your kids having such a great time, laughing and smiling...all the while, wondering what's going on in their head! 
Ty remembered the slides so of course, the first thing he wanted to do is go down the slides..and he also loved the lazy river..where he just swam his little heart out. Hanna liked it all..but her favorite part was just playing in the "beachy" area where she did, as we called it, water ballet...and she would just roll around and just have a ball. She also loved the little water falls...she made several friends there. 
We did the duck race again...but like last year, our ducks didn't win..but Ty had the coolest duck by far...a ninja turtle duck..his obviously, had to make a pit stop to fight the bad guys).
 Hanna's was decorated with purple scribble...and of course, mommy had to add her monogram to the back! :)
After all wednesday afternoon and all day thursday, friday was our off day...we girls (minus hanna and addison) got our nails did....what a treat...while the guys were in charge of the kiddos...that afternoon we traded responsibilties with the guys while they played golf. Ty was just going to go to the driving range with the guys and maybe to the first couple of holes...but he stayed the whole time..until the 17th hole when he was they called their game then. Apparently, he swung his club at least 4 times each hole running each time to his ball...the little guy was plum tuckered out! he got to eat his dinner in bed that night! :) I was way impressed...but I knew he wasn't going to want to leave once he started...he absolutely LOVES golf...and he got a "red juice" not to be confused with gatorade.. I was quickly corrected when I called it that..haha...that was a big hit too! lol.
Saturday, we woke up and did our family pictures first thing...but bc Ty was exhausted and Hanna is going through her LOVELY stage right kids weren't as cooperative...but we managed to get a few....we were in and out by the pool but called it quits early and ordered pizza and lounged around the room...and then everyone (excpet me...this momma was very tired)..went to make s'mores. 

Hanna loved being the older cousin and taking care of Addison...she loved playing with her but also enjoyed bossing her a polite way...telling her what she doesn't need to play with..haha. and she insisted on feeding her...surprisingly, neither of them made a mess...we were impressed. Hopefully, this is a great sign of what's to rock her world in a few more months! :)
We love our family time and treasure each time we have together!!!

Hanna and granddaddy in the pool
Addison has the biggest smiles...loves to show off her teeth. Ty did sneak in a crumb from a fry...which she swallowed immediately (haha) and aunt lindsey gave her bites of a yummy, soft biscuit...she liked that too....I think she is going to enjoy her table food! :)

Ty's second love is naturally, we had to bring all his gear...he had baseball practice almost nightly.

Hanna on the 2nd day...aahhh..the life.

getting ducks ready for their big he's not a lefty..for whatever reason he decided to color that way.

Hanna's beautiful duck. Last year she was too young to color it so I think Granddaddy decorated it for her with a double T....this year she chose purple and scribbles! (sorry granddaddy...looks like she'd rather be an ACU!

 Meet Leonoardo the duck!

the ducks race around the corner of the lazy river..ty and hanna's came in the middle.

back to the slides...
If you ever go there...invest in water shoes for the whole family. the ground gets so hot...we didn't do that last year..but we learned..this was first thing in the morning so it wasn't hot yet..but even trav wore his in the afternoons.

Ty having a ball with his daddy.

When you go down the lazy river after the slide there are water cannon's above that people can use to shoot you...Ty took note of that and wanted to shoot his daddy after coming off the "Big" slide (Ty's not tall enough yet to ride it) we loaded up his water gun and went to shoot his daddy...Ty just thinks that is hilarious..and I love to watch his sweet laugh.

Hanna was a little ataken back by all the people..there was a fact, the hotel was sold out that weekend (we even witnessed a wedding ourside our room) to love holiday weekends. We would always send a fam member down to the pool early to claim some we always had some! :) 

Enjoying the water falls.

Ty requested his daddy go down the slide alone so he could shoot him...haha. Trav was a great sport and did his request...and got nailed with the water cannon in the process.

Fourth of July we enjoyed the festivities of the band...and attempted a little cousin photo...
Ty (3 1/2) Hanna (20M), Addison (10M).

Hanna loved the band and danced her little heart out...even busting out some new moves..haha.

attempted (word of the weekend) family shot..
The weather couldn't have been more perfect the whole time.

a little brother-sister dance. I just love the way they love each super sweet! They love to be around each other and protect each them to pieces.

Ty really enjoyed the ping pong table...although, with just 1 table out of 1,000 guests (that number is a little exaggerated) was always taken.. especially by young boys...but, Ty would wait patiently and with the help of mommy and daddy he'd squeeze in a few hits with the "big boys." made his days! 

the night the boys were golfing, we girls, headed to a casual dinner...we tried to get a pic of the girls together..but Hanna was coping Aunt Ashley being a monkey....her favorite while Addison was laughing at her silly mommy...Hanna joined in on the fun! haha.

right as we were headed back from our dinner (with a 1 1/2 and 10M didn't last long)...we caught the guys walking back...they had a great time..and the nice gentleman that played behind them gave ty 3 of his golf balls...ty was so excited.

Ty asked Trav if mommy was "watching them play golf on TV?" my little future golfer. and...if that time ever comes when he's playing on better believe the only way I will be watching it on TV is if I record it and watch it again after I get home from watching it live, following him on the golf course! :) Ty's biggest fan right here! :) 

I am not sure what was more fun..the guys enjoying playing golf at a beautiful course or them having and watching ty play his little heart out! 

Hanna was excited to see her daddy...and was ready for bed.

saturday, first thing, was our family photo's.....:)

Gamy and Granddaddy with their grandkids..

ty wanted a pic by himself...haha. (and snuggie).

our little blessed! was back to the pool...

later that afternoon after a couple of meltdowns we called it a day...went in and ordered pizza...and just hung out as a was a great ending to our roby family vacation. 
What will next year bring???

oh, and during our kids nap time one day...Trav and I jumped on the Instagram bandwagon(@jtroby314 and @lroby)...I decided I needed another form of entertainment during nighttime feeds with baby, please posts lots of pictures to feel at least 30 minutes every 3 hours! Thanks...haha.

Hope everybody had as great of a weekend as we back to reality..and cooking! haha.