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Monday, June 10, 2013

ruidoso...(part 2)...

Our day in town...
started off with the usual shopping spots followed by pony rides and park...
But since there is an hour time difference and nothing opens until 10...there is a lot of waiting around before we head to town.

There was a new shop this year..stuff for every member of the, the kiddos got water bottle holders...haha.

Brady has always loved horses (his daddy has a farm and use to have horses) he has always ridden the pony's every year...but Ty...has yet to get on...

This year he was all about it..but when he got on..he wasn't too sure..thought we were going to lose it..but he held tough and rode the pony! we were very proud of him.! 

Got comfortable and put his sunglasses on and was riding like he would in the horse races...haha..I told trav he would be a great bull rider (but this momma won't ever let him try..haha..we'll stick to muttin' bustin's")...bc he held on super tight! lol.

Park  was next..

Next day was just another day at the cabin...walks, river, playing and eating..the mountains make you have a big appetite... :)

That afternoon while the kids were napping mom, casey and I were sitting on the front porch and all of a sudden saw a bear run across the street snooping around houses.. I got a few pics..but i needed my bigger lens on.. I tried to get closer before we lost sight of it..but i had no luck. My mom had actually seen that same bear the night before at our neighbors porch..but when we went to look it was gone. they sure are sneaky things. 

the brown bear is up beside the house, towards the back...look real close.

We sat on the porch watching for it to return..but we went down to the river.

hanna took a nose dive..first time she wasn't too excited about getting wet. Luckily, aunt casey was there to pick her she got all wet in the process.

If you know my know his love for ducks..especially the I took pictures and Ty told everyone what the green one was and that "it's my daddy's favorite." haha.

if you are wanting to see a baby bump pic..there ya #3 is out and showing. (18 weeks)

We always have such a great time there.

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