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Monday, June 10, 2013

Ruidoso...(part 1)

Last Tuesday, me and the kids, my mom and sister and her kids loaded up and went to Ruidoso for a week. We just love it there...the smell of pine, fresh air, river, wildlife and just the relaxation's just wonderful. The Cabin was built by my great grandparents and has been in the family since...for 71 years and counting...A ton of things have remained the same..(change is always hard for some)..but one thing that was added last year was a washer and dryer and a shower (not just a tub anymore)...and let me tell you...those ammenities are great! obviously, we have survived without them but having them (especially the washer and dryer) were very handy...especially this trip! :) Our kids love the river and are dirty constantly add in potty accidents..and you see our love for a washer and dryer! :) granted we pack like we are leaving for a month so we didn't really need it..but, since it was was thoroughly used! :) 
Ruidoso is super dry..we thought midland was dry...but, Oh, Man...they need rain badly! The river was just barely flowing and they are on a water restrictions too. Everyone's yard is just brown. But, since we are only there a few weeks out of the year we figured our use of water was still way below the avg use. So, of course when we arrived and Ty saw the bird bath was dry..he filled 'er up! 

 and the girls enjoyed their ice cream...
the very ruidoso..but, still plenty of water to have a great time in..

the water fall didn't have much running off it..

Sophi was a little hesitant..but then decided she liked it..

Next morning we went on a walk...we love our morning walks up there...nothing fast paced...but, it's just so refreshing! plus, with the altitude..we like to stay on top of our can get super winded on those mountains. ha..basically, we are just out of shape! haha.

Ty remembered the hula hoop..which has been there since my mom was a kid...and was a hula champ.

my little  BIG 4  yr old brady bear...

morning snack before our walk...The best thing about ruidoso is the's much cooler than midland...and where our cabin the Upper's even cooler than in town. so, the mornings and evenings get pretty chilly...but in the afternoons..if you are in's HOT! 

Terrible two's hit my precious niece....she's a wild one!!

The deer were excited Ty filled the bird bath...they think that's their drinking bowl.

such a handsome man...

and miss priss...

Although Sophi can be quite the put her on her stage and she just sings This stump was her stage all week.

There's a little sophi smile.

On our walk...yes, the 3 and 4 yr old are riding and the 1 and 2 yr old are walking. silly kids.

5 of mom-mom's loves...4 grandkids (who are clearly excited about their picture being made) and ruidoso.

river time...

if you see my sister...please tell her, her daughter needs a haircut.! haha. poor sophi.

queen of the river....hanna is a little water bug so her love for the river didn't shock fact she thought it was a pool and tried to swim...

excuse the lack of makeup..but, my nephew took this pic and I was pleasantly shocked to see both mine and ty's face in the picture. good job brady bear.

We saw some Mallards and took a few pics for Trav.

We have seen Elk pretty much every year for the past 3 years...this time they were a little more sneaky...or our loud cabin scared them away...but, there were traces of them everywhere on our's a tree were they have been scratching their, lots of poopage. (yes, technical term)..but, we never saw them. my parents are going back in a few weeks and I told them to take one of travis' game cams to see when they are coming out.

brady found a stick and used it as a golf club and a pine cone as a ball...

Ty found a tree branch and used it as his gun! lol..BOYS!

We never have an agenda there...we just hangout, play and enjoy the scenery. Of course we go into town to shop but we mostly just enjoy the cabin! :)
More pics to come but have to space them out....ha!

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