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Monday, June 10, 2013

Ruidoso.. (part 3)..."redneck bath tub"

Like mentioned before..since the cabin is now 71 years old and has many of the original "stuff" still lingering never know what you can find...While under the house (storage spot) I spied two old tub basins...and let me tell you...those are actually hard to, i immediately pop...So, Hanna was my first victim since nobody else wanted to play. :) thanks hanna! Since it was an impromptu session..her hair was a mess and the water was terribly cold so she wouldn't sit... but, she had fun..

A little later..sophi was asking to take a bath..very odd request..but, I took advantage and showed her the bubbles in the tub basin...SHE HAD A BLAST...would have been there all day if we would have let her. In fact, since she was having such a great time ( and happy) and not wanting to get out or share the tub..we got the other one out and filled it up (this time with cold water hose water and half with hot water from the sink)...and the boys had theirs..b/c of course, they had to join in!! THey all had the best time...who would have thought! We watched and laughed with them. 
We called it..."Redneck Bathtub." haha.

Sophi having her bath outside the out house..

Ignore the blue cabinet...but the deer came to check it out too..

scrub a dub dub...brady and ty in the tub...

my this pic.

If you ever need cheap entertainment and have an old tub basin..fill it up with water and bubbles and the kids have a blast in your own "redneck bathtub."...who needs a pool? haha.
That concludes our 6 days in ruidoso...:) 

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