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Monday, June 24, 2013

Gender Reveal...

Today we had another sono at the junior college's sonography department. Didn't really know what to expect since our last sono wasn't too revealing. However, the lady who performed our sono was great and did a fantastic job. I really liked it because I was able to watch the sono from a big screen TV in front of me...that was awesome...way more high tech than our dr's office. haha. 
We had to bring Ty and Hanna with us and which made it challenging...especially for Trav as he is trying to watch the sono and deal with, mainly Hanna. haha. Ty was super sweet and patted my arm and held my hand during the sono...definitely made me tear up..he is such a sweet, sweet boy and I love him to death. I just love having a boy! Hanna is obviously too young to understand but did comment "baby" the whole time.  
We mainly went in for another sono to double check everything was good with our baby since our last visit at our dr. was pretty quiet. We were sooooo relieved to see our baby is HEALTHY and growing as it should.  Such a great sight...Everything looked great from extremities, spine, heart chambers, brain, feet, hands, organs, etc....just PERFECT! woohoo!  Hearing a healthy heart never gets old. :) The lady who performed our sono, Laurie, was amazing and definitely gave me the calming, positive feeling. 

Here's our little baby in 4D....both arms up....that big thing on the's my lovely placenta..and apparently baby likes to be cuddled up next to it....I'm sure after delivery cuddling and a pillow are going to be a necessity! 

Here's a little back view....hehe...what a cute little hiney and already proper with legs crossed!!!

and the cute little profile pic...already in love.

We finally got to do our reveal that has been sitting outside for awhile....and buy the proper color balloons to fill it...Ty and hanna were quite the opposite of cooperative. Actually, Ty was fine..hanna apparently isn't too excited and didn't want to have anything to do with the reveal pics....we finally bribed her with a sucker..and she at least stayed in the vicinity! haha.

So....we are excited to announce baby #3 is a....GIRL!!! yay. 
I am so glad Hanna will have a sister...there is nothing like them...and I know, without a doubt, Ty will be the BEST big brother to two little sisters....

We are still doing our other scheduled sono with our dr again in 5 hopefully the gender will stay the same..haha.

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