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Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Weekend....

Thursday we loaded up and went to Houston to visit our family. We had nothing planned all weekend..just hanging out enjoying gamy and granddaddy's new backyard was just perfect. 
Friday Jenn, McCain and Sawyer got to come swim with us...we all had such a great time. Ty was a little shy on the slide..took awhile to warm up to it...McCain on the other hand loved it. Hanna of course had to go down but her mommy never let her by year hanna! haha. Thanks Jenn for  going down first with her! :) Mommy went down with her next and we didn't have quite the same landing as cousin Jenn...we both went under-water...haha! 

Cousin time in pool...

Sawyer, Addison and Ashley 

Gigi and Great-Granddaddy came to play as well...

Hanna and Saw man...

Saturday, we got to attend our friend, Jack's 5th birthday party..we were so excited to take advantage of being there the same time as his big party...Ty was so excited to see his friends "Jack and Wyatt" and to go to Chuck E Cheese..(btw...the Houston Chuck E Cheese is wwwwaayyyy better than the Midland..shocking I know)....Ty and Hanna had a great time playing games and Trav and I had a great time visiting with such wonderful family friends. Although Ty was very excited about going to chuck e cheese he made it very clear he didn't want to see him...he watched him like a hawk...haha.
Such a fun time...

A little basketball..

Jack and Ty playing ski ball..

of course we had to play the deer hunting game..

They both feel asleep on the way home...but after their was pool time again....

Hanna and her protectors....these guys are so great with her..and Ty!

Ty loved just sitting on the steps and squirting everyone.

ty and nimbus having a squirt gun war...Ty won! hehe.

Later on..after Jack's party and Wyatt's nap..other houston family came over to play...and what a great time we all had..

Little Levi and our baby #3 are due around the same day...the family best friends continues.

Finally..S'more time...the only thing to get Ty out of the pool.

Wyatt was the first to the slide...and the first to get his marshmallow roasting..haha..such cute kids.

Hanna before...all clean..if only i would have taken her picture afterwards..she looked like she had body paint on her face..haha.

My little and big father like son..

Sunday, since it was Father's Day...Trav got breakfast in bed...pancake with sausage crumbles mixed in..all in the shape of a "D"! and syrup on the top.."that's how my daddy likes it." said, Ty! haha. 

Later we went to Travis' old Elementary stoppin grounds to play on the playground...and guess what happened while we were there...these big, grey clouds started heading our way and since travis and I have seen them soooo many times but see them pass without any rain production we thought the same would happen this time...well, all of a sudden while pushing the kids on the swing we saw, with our own eyes, rain falling from the was incredible! haha. we just stood under a big tree for protection for a few minutes until it passed and just stared...we were in awe! haha. Ty asked to play in it...and of course we said, "YES!" take off! funny story...while they were playing in the rain it apparently gave hanna the urge to tee-tee...and all of a sudden she had an accident..and ty said, "hey, Hanna made it rain out of her panties." lol. 

Later that afternoon Granddaddy found one of Travis' old basketball jersey's (his first one) and Ty loved it...haha. but he "had to tuck it in." haha.

Perfect father's day...grilled out hamburgers, watching The Open on TV with his little boy (hanna was already napping)....

It's tough being a dad...but these 2 do it great! haha. again, like father like son! hehe

Wakey wakey time..back in the pool goes our little water bugs..

We had such a wonderful time and headed home monday morning...this little one didn't even make it 5 miles before falling asleep...she actually took 2  (little) naps...but, let me just tell you..she is NOT.A.FAN.AT.ALL.OF.HER.CARSEAT!!!! but she looks sweet here! haha

ty read his new book from Gamy a few times..but those movie screens are just awesome! 

We finally gave in and let hanna get out...bless her heart!

Thanks to Jack's party favors it helped entertain them for awhile...

You never know what Ty will find at Gamy and granddaddy's...he just loves playing with his daddy's old ninja turtle collection, army men and micro car toys...but, gamy also let him take home some of his daddy's trophy's (thanks amy..haha) ty got to pick out 2...a baseball and "fishy" trophy! he is so proud!

 But, before we left on monday mrs. morgan came by early to a) see the kiddos and b) to show ty and hanna her seashell collection she gathered over the weekend on her fishing trip....ty loved them and enjoyed listening to the ocean in the conch show and tell! :)

 We are so blessed with such an awesome family on both sides...and so many wonderful family friends that are like family!!! Always so great seeing everyone..and it always just warms your heart to know your kids are loved by sooo many! :)

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  1. Ty is so much like my daughter when it comes to mascots...Parker always wants to see ChuckE and Rocky but when it comes down to it she is terrified haha! What elementary did Travis go to?