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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Family daycare...

Although our plans changed last week they couldn't have ended up better...God was looking out for us. 
Travis' cousin and family thought they were coming to midland for the birth of their new niece and staying in an empty R house....but, with the change of plans we were home until friday morning. Therefore, we got to spend 2 wonderful days with family and was absolutely perfect. Plus, I was able to watch their sweet boys and let all the kids play together while they went to the hospital for the baby. And to make it even better...Jenn's best friend just happens to be our the B's came over for dinner and played for those days as well...I finally got to experience a semi- college family dinner! as did 7 little chillins....yes, we had a house full. I was also keeping B and S so we all just played and had a great time. My sister came to get her kids wed. night since she got strep and since Brady's throat was hurting and had no voice we figured he too had it(luckily neither kids ended up having it..phew), for precautionary reasons she came to get them. and since trav and I still had plans on going to the wedding in houston, she took all the kids back to abilene with her for the weekend. So, trav and I drove to houston friday and came back sun morning. ..but will be returning in 2 weeks with the kids! :)
We had a great time with our family and friends and so glad everything worked out for the best..except for the fact, that our stomach bug germs got ahold of S-man on the last day..booo! but, I hear he is a trooper and doing well! ugh..guess I missed a spot with the lysol! grrrrr! 
 and...Trav and I got to attend a beautiful wedding with a gorgeous bride. 

Even though little S-man was bigger than the girls...he was still their baby doll....

Hanna loves her bf must be a blonde hair, blue eyed thing...

Such sweet girls...

our weed picker..he did a great job..haha.

Such a big boy...

Best form of Birth control...a house full of kiddos..haha!

One lucky little boy! hehe.

are these not the sweetest bottoms..hehe.

Although it's cute now...we better not see them like this in the near future...

Stinky boys bath time..

and this little one just has the biggest smiles..

We had such a great, great time and enjoyed every minute of our family/friends time. I cherish them always! :) 
Tomorrow our kids come back (and then we leave for ruidoso) and I can't wait to see them! 
Trav and I did go to dinner and rented a movie (if you feel a man's belly with food and a marg and bribe can watch a chick-flick) hehe! We watched Safe Haven since nothing else looked good and since I had read the book awhile back...but, like always, the book was waaaayy better..but still cute! 
Hope everyone had a great weekend! :)


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