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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Better late than never...

The kids made their daddy father's day gifts at MDO and I saved them until father's day....or several weeks after father's day...haha! Since we went out of town for that weekend..and I forgot to pack them with us, Trav just now got his homemade gifts from his little boy and girl. Better late than never..right! He got his real gift a few weeks before father's, we obviously never do things on time anyways..haha. 

Ty made a fishing kit that included a fishing worm lure, a sack of sunflower seeds and a mini beef jerky in case they get hungry..haha...oh, and a map that showed the good fishing spots. 
As I type Ty is currently fishing...haha..the little boy loves to fish! but, he packed a few extra things in his "boat"...he also through in his "cup, in case I get thirsty", "the ipad in case I want to play a game while I fish," and "snuggie, in case he goes to sleep" and "we might need a bobber." haha..he cracks us up! 

And of course, you have to have pictures and questionnaire's...I love his answers! couldn't have answered them better myself. He sure does love his daddy so much!

And from sweet hanna..she made/colored him a fish....she already knows how much he loves to fish! 

Ty and Hanna are so extremely blessed to have such a wonderful father who is very involved, plays and is goofy with them...I could go on and on..he is just great! 

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