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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Baby #3...

With my other 2 pregnancies I have always documented their growth and such...well, I am just now getting to it on baby #3....hopefully the baby book will be opposite and full of "it's" information! ha! 
Right now I am 19 weeks 3 days and the baby is a size of a Mango ( 6.5 in. and 10oz) according to my What to Expect App. I am due November 11th but with my c-section the baby will come the week earlier...that date TBD! 

Here's my absolute LOVELY yes, little bambino numero tres is out to play! They say each pregnancy you have you experience things quicker/earlier....well, the baby bump is true in my case. I remember with both of my kids I didn't wear maternity until 6 months (maybe 5 with Hanna)...but, this one I have been wearing since the end of my first trimester...but, I love it...maternity clothes are comfy and when I've got two I'm chasing around..comfy over cute wins. However, I am super sad I can't partake in a lot of the summer fashion (like the cute printed shorts..etc) but i suppose it's worth it! haha. 
but, I have experienced other pregnancy symptoms earlier as well, such as, braxton hicks, fetal movement, light headedness, ligament pain, etc...but, it's all good! :)

This go round I was pretty sick until about 15-16 weeks or so...luckily travis helped a ton when he got home with the kids...if it wasn't for him I don't know if my kids would have survived. He also made several trips to Sonic for me...hehe! thanks babe! But, starting a few weeks ago I have not been sick once and I feel like a new person...yay! (knock on wood)
The only difference in this pregnancy than the other 2 is...I have somehow developed a lactose the week or two it took until i realized that's what it was hard! haha! I am hoping this is just pregnancy induced and not life-long...because although I am not a big dairy eater when I am pregnant I do like my cereal with milk...and cool whip, and yogurt and of course now that's it's cream! but, although I would give anything to eat any of those food's just not worth it...yes, I can have almond milk and lactose milk and I have even found lactose free yogurt but having experienced what I did..I have bad vibes and food aversions from any dairy! Oh, but the BIG, HUGE, GIGANTIC bummer about this issue is not being able to eat queso. I do not, at all, like cheese...but give me a bucket of queso and I'll devour it, it's super hard not getting queso at rosas...ugh! this is my main reason I hope this all goes away once this baby pops out! crossing my fingers! haha..
anyways, enough about that! (sorry, got on a rant)..

The exciting news is tomorrow we find out what this little mango is...we are soooo excited..and yet, a little nervous from our last situation. If you recall, Hanna was suppose to be a boy the whole pregnancy and out came a beautiful girl..we could not have been more elated..however, we are not sure we can handle two huge surprises...
So...instead of the sono tech doing our sono (she did it last time) our Dr. is doing the task! When we walked in for our very first appt he commented about that and although still wants us to not find out until delivery we think differently, so...he is going to do our sono but will tell us he is pressure doc! haha. 
Ty says he wants a little brother..Hanna obviously doesn't know what's going on..and we are a little nervous when the day comes she isn't the baby anymore..and her new baby doll doesn't leave!!! haha...Travis kinda wants a boy...and I just want a healthy baby!  But, i just want to know the gender so we can get up in the attic and have everything washed before baby comes home...that's my reason for finding out! :)  In case you are wondering...I think we have decided to keep hanna and Ty in their current rooms (which share a jack and jill bathroom) and put the new baby in the guest room since it's closer to our room and we aren't uprooting the others from the room they know...and when the kids get older the odd gender out will get the guest room.  So, our guest room will be the upstairs! :) 

So...with the gender reveal tomorrow I thought I would throw out a few symptoms/myths and let you few readers guess what we are having....

Myth 1:  Carrying High (girl) low (boy)
-you can judge from the above pic...but Trav says I am carrying HIGH. but I also have a long i think It's hard to tell..

Myth 2: Heartbeat over 140 (girl) under (boy)
- the last appt. we had the heartbeat was 147-150.  However, I remember Ty and Hanna's being around the ???

Myth 3: sick (girl) not so sick (boy)
Like mentioned above...I was SUPER sick...
But also hard to tell with my lactose issues.

Myth 4: craving citric/sweet (girl) meats (boy:
I have both..I enjoy sweet tarts, sour gummy worms, starbursts, lemonade, (which I never eat before pregnancy) but with all my other stomach was always empty and I wanted a hamburger or steak. for some reason in all my pregnancies I am not a fan of chicken...not sure why, bc I love it not pregnant. And of course I love my chocolate. :)

That's all the myths I can think of right now...I have done 2 different websites that think they can determine the gender..and one said boy and one said girl???? that was the same for hanna, this better not be another "Surprise." lol.

So far it seems the boy poll is higher than the girl..but our poll audience consist of maybe 5 people..hahaha...

Right now only God knows what's growing inside my belly...but we can't wait to find out tomorrow...all I pray for is a healthy baby! :) 

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