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Thursday, June 20, 2013

And the Gender Is....

Well, we don't know...haha! 
Baby tricked us. 
It was hiding behind my placenta and face down so we just couldn't see much of our little baby.
but, let me tell you...that was probably THE.WORST. Dr. appt..EVER! 
I am always worrying about my babies in utero...I think it's just the unknown that scares me...I wish I had my own sonography machine! haha. I love the fact they move around to help comfort me and I bust my stethoscope out and listen to the heartbeat all the time...but, still...I always like to be reassured by the Dr. at our visits. 
Well, this Dr. visit was just odd/weird/unsettling..etc..just strange.
 first off, we waited for an hour before getting called back...and we never wait that long..usually about 10-20 minutes...and our appt was at 8:15 and the office opens at 8 so it's not that they were backed up...(we are guessing dr had to make some hospital rounds)..anyways, then we waited for another good 15-20 minutes once in the room..again, way longer than usual. 
Then our Dr. comes in when trav and I are in mid laughter....If you know my husband..even just a little know his anxiety/ADD gets the best of him especially in critical moments...well, the gender reveal of our baby marks one of those situations(he paced that room about 100 times before I challenged him to sit for just 10 sec...haha...he couldn', when you are sitting in an OB/GYN room for awhile you can imagine the comments I hear about all the "stuff" and pictures sitting around! haha...He typically has me rolling at our dr's appt'! I am chuckling right now thinking about it...haha.
Anyways...being our 3rd baby we have really got to know our dr and he even cracks jokes with us now(he has a very quiet and dry sense of most dr's." and even sits and just chats with us after our visits...we are like his local customer! haha. 
But, he came in pretty quiet this time and just got right to the sono. Once I laid down and he squirted the gel on my tummy (which was nice and warm...another improvement they have made since my last 2)..he placed the probe on my belly and he told us to give him a minute to get "his bearings." We sat in silence for..what felt like eternity but was probably a few minutes and finally my patience ran up and I asked if everything was ok. He responded yes. and just kept my head i was like....WHAT IS GOING ON....said a little prayer..kept watching the dr's face, and travis' to get some sort of glimpse what was going on bc I couldn't see the screen...Inside I was a nervous wreck.
Then I asked, "is there a heartbeat." and his lovely response was, "have you felt any movement?" my heart sank...and I said, "yes." and he said, "ok, good...sometimes you don't feel them until later."
Again, my heart sank...what was going on...
So, I asked again, if he saw a heartbeat...and he said yes! Then why did you ask me about the movement...oh man! After more silence I asked again, if he saw a heartbeat..and he actually, stopped, looked at me and said, "yes ma'am..I do." aahhh...ok, good! although I love and trust my Dr (hence why we have chosen him 3 times now)..I still like to see things for myself..and not hearing anything made me nervous!
So, I guess he FINALLY realized his silence was making me extremely nervous and said, the placenta was in the way and he was having a hard time seeing things...and it also makes the sound waves to the probe not able to produce the sound...
So, I asked if he saw and extremities, spine, heart chambers...anything...just let me know what's going then he started sharing what he was seeing...PHEW!!! I mean can't do that to any pregnant momma! OH MY GOODNESS!
He then turned the screen my way so I could see and showed me the arms, legs, hands, feet, skull, eye sockets, spine, bladder, bones, heartbeating and my lovely placenta our baby was laying on..and all the room it has to play but chooses to remain in the bottom of my belly...
this is what we saw...and why nothing was very clear....
First pic is of "its' head...and the second..the third, I am not sure what it is..made a leg and foot! ha.

So....we seriously (people think we are pulling their leg about the reveal) do not know what's growing...we have to come back in 5 weeks(I'll be 25 weeks)...July 26th for another sono! I just hope it goes by quickly. 
It's a good thing we already have stuff for each gender bc it would be tight if not..however, we know how quickly we can gather gender stuff up! :) 

We left our appt in a weird vibe...usually our dr. hands us our paper to give the receptionists indicating our next visit and then we follow him out the door...this time he just sat there apologized for not being able to tell us the gender. of course, we know it's not his fault and actually are glad he was the one doing it to help us see what we were able to view...b/c it was not easy..he did a great job...but, we could tell he felt bad. 
Finally, since everyone was just sitting there and we had been there almost 2 hours by this point I said, "well, we'll see yall back in 5 weeks." we said bye, and we walked out...he still just sat there...not his typical behavior at all! 
Although Travis was about to puke in excitement and bummed we didn't get to know...I was more weirded out about the visit and just hope everything is ok with our baby! 
Travis' analogy was being like getting all hyped up for a big fball game and then getting rained out...haha...
On a good note is we get another sono of our bambino! :)
So..we just wait...or we might go to the junior college's soon tech class here and try again..hehe! 
Just add our baby's health to your praryer list! :) 

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